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20120502 Singaporeans Incapable to Integrate Foreigners

20120502 Singaporeans Incapable to Integrate Foreigners


Who like to be associated with a failed policies.
All Leaders, look for the head goat, before you speak out to support any policy.

Proven Ignorant

Singapore political leaders seemed to be ignorant.

I heard a General spoke "Singaporeans lack of certain skills and capabilities." 
Freely spoken without specifying what we lack of
This fits tabloids, not mass media, not main streams, cannot become a policy.
As far as an aerospace engineer participated and witnessed Singapore's progress, there is no skills Singaporeans cannot be trained, be skillful, be successful in.

More AND New?

I heard "we want more, new migrants". 
So the key is NEW MIGRANTS, regardless of their skills, characters, never mind about the real needs of Singapore.

So  we see migrants who came here ten years ago was left by the road side:
  1. PhD Biotech researcher driving taxi, 
  2. Computer programmers become prata sellers, worse unemployed.

Leaders set Counter Example

Now we heard "We must help foreigners to integrate into our society"

Even LKY School of Public Policies are headed by many foreigners, tailed by foreign graduates running slide projectors and sound systems.
Seeing the stark lack of domain knowledge of some of the heads, so i wrote my applications, even met some faculties, eventually it falls into silence.

When even this Singaporean employer, supposedly promoting stories of Singapore's  success do not employ Singaporeans, cultivate Singaporeans.

What about the rest of organizations, entities, who are now managed by foreigners?

First Social Experiment in History

Singapore become the first social experiment of mankind, where active effort, immense wealth is dumped into cultivating foreigners, stifling the employment of Singaporeans, never mind about cultivating, nourishing Singaporeans, constructing Singapore.

This is a social experiment never happen in history, neither tyrant nor idiotic leaders attempted this.

Last Great Success

Cultivating, nourishing Singaporeans as Goh Keng Swee did, resulting in celebrated role models like J Y Pillay, Ngiam Tong Dow, Philip Yeo and the like drove Singapore to overwhelming success.

When Singaporeans are 
prohibited eliminated from participating in this nation's construction, the calling for Singaporeans to assist in integrating Foreigners is ignorant, if not a show of hollow out of awareness in Singapore leaders.

Without awareness of realities, even super-human intelligence is faulty, never become wisdom that is applicable - without wisdom, can any path be chosen correctly?

Easy Litmus Test

Actually, it is very easy to know if this policy is a good policy.
We just ask our Prime Minister who proposed, initiated this policy:

Why this Test definitely Accurate

By looking at the following, who will say Singapore Biotech will be a success?

Lee Kuan Yew has stated the following on biotech:
"This issue has been deliberated over a period of several months in Cabinet and decided by PM Goh and cabinet. The policy has been continued by PM Lee and his cabinet. We have made significant investments in time and resources. We have to get the most out of what we have put in."
Chen Huifen (15 March 2007). "Singapore to push ahead with Biomed". Business Times.

Basic Human Nature

Who like to be associated with a failed policies.
All Leaders, look for the head goat, before you speak out to support any policy.


No conclusion is needed by this writer, anyone who is self-interested knows what to do, what not to support, even say.

I do not believe self-less person person exist.

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