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20120504 Better Housing Prospering Economy Through Full Resolution of Falling Maids in Singapore

20120504 Better Housing Prospering Economy 
Through Full Resolution of Falling Maids in Singapore

Better Housing Prospering Economy
Full Resolution of Falling Maids in Singapore


Solvere Lim Swee Keng
Founder, CtS Cognoscere tenus Solvere
SM (MIT) MBA (Law)
Engineer, Inventor, Philosopher

 1936Pakistan 7.5 Ritcher 35 Thousands Died

Safety Cautions

This discussion provides an invention that drastically modifies wind loads and insulation, and increase ventilation.

Consult inventor for insight of wind load and vibration, fire initiation, control and containment.


Solutions for any problems must be holistic on top of being effective, efficient, economical and better elegant.
This writing wishes to share the possibility of such solutions for the sad accidents.

As Singaporeans, we expressed our deepest sympathy to the families of the fallen maids. 
We owe the President and People of Indonesia something money cannot repay.

As Engineers, Consultants, we know words, even words utter with most moving expressions are feeble. 
We wish to share a solution that can fundamentally resolve this long existing issue.

For the solution to be self-propagating rapidly, it must not just resolve maid falling. It must provide economic viability and must serve the functions safely.

The solution proposed provides building design that not merely removes hazards fundamentally, it will also stand earth quake stronger, reduce casualties by removing heavy brick and cements. This also facilitates recovery of the buried and eases post -quake constructions.

The solution also improves the comfort, economy and aesthetics of buildings. 
It makes construction a safer, less strenuous job. It also opens immense market for agro-waste that will assist in mitigating world rural poverty.

Creating new industries resolved the concern raised by former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohammed. He raised the concern about the stagnated Iskandar Industrial Parks on 12 October 2009 at the Marriot Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Growth, Innovation, Leadership Conference by Frost and Sullivan.


We express our gratitude to PLA General Chu CH for bringing solutions to China, assisting in solving housing for the masses, and reducing massive housing speculation.

We express our gratitude to former and current High Commissioners of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Ms Fauzia Sana(now with Prime Minister office) and Mr Syed Hasan Javed, former and current Press Counselor Samina Parvez Khalid (now Director General at External Publicity Wing ) and Samina Waqar respectively. Their deep insight of harsh continental climate in earth quake frequent zone, give this invention the added importance. They are exemplary in performing diplomatic and information roles in a globalized world.

We express gratitude to top architects of Singapore, who shared their expertise, experiences and current realm of thinking in building design. Their names shall be disclosed when the Singapore government come to recognize merits in Singaporeans’ designs and inventions.

We express gratitude to Prof Jamel Akba, College of Architecture & Planning, King Faisal University, Fritz Oettl of pos Architecture who designed the Embassy of Austria in Jakarta, Prof  Dr. Surjamanto W., Head of Building Technology Research Group SAPPK - ITB Bandung, Indonesia for many enlightening discussion which encourages me.

Can Safety Be Absolute ?

The issues of falling maids were due to cleaning of windows in high rise buildings, hanging of laundry out of high rise windows. These are easily identifiable.

It is heartwarming to see that employer took special care of her employee’s safety. (shown in Straits Time report on May 1, 2012 below.) However, media and ministries need to immediately assist her from anchoring the belt on very flimsy window grills.

These did not include fallen windows, and fallen air-conditioners hanging on external walls. These will become real concerns as windows and air-conditioners aged.

These are totally different aspects, so can safety be absolute?
Safety, indeed, can be absolute if we perform these functions by locating these windows and air-conditioners in absolutely safe location.

Can we find such safe location?
Yes, we can.  We can easily attain such functional safety, but buildings are designed by architects, where forms, aesthetics are their foci.

Current building codes architects comply with are almost only about structure and fire safety.

We must first provide solution that the forms are  aesthetically exciting, in order to motivate architects to design safe buildings.

Can Beautiful Forms be Safe also ?

Singapore, like many nations, invested tremendously to improve the aesthetics of buildings, even at great cost to land, constructions, construction materials, weight of buildings, energy and clean water intense cement.

Willing to sacrifice so much for aesthetics, sacrificing functions and safety are inevitable.

For the purpose of aesthetics, sacrificing functions and safety are inevitable until we can provide beautiful form and hide all the unsightly - Pipes, laundries, air-conditioners, etc are hidden in the recesses in the above new design flats.

This has been the debate between designers and engineers -  Form or Function, which has the higher priority ?

As engineers and industrial designers, it is quite obvious they can be satisfied together quite easily.

What we need are three breakthroughs, which actually come from common sense:
1.     What we want to hide is from peoples’ visions whereby people are earth bound.
2.     What we want to expose are to the natural sun which is from the sky.
3.     The two have very different angles and can be well-defined.

After seeing architects struggling to meet both forms and functions.
A patent that qualify and quantify key parameters was filed. It was filed as Expand Exposure Full Concealment (EEFC, 20090808 IPOS 200805898-4) with fresh diploma holder, Leung Chi Lam, who recently enter a top UK college in Architecture.

With this we can even totally remove windows, while laundries, pipes, air-conditioners are hidden within a vacuity.

Much Bigger Economic Benefits

Patent Filed invention Expand Exposure Full Concealment (EEFC) provides the options to fundamentally remove external windows while
  1. Expand exposure of laundry to sun, while protect from rain which current solutions cannot.
  2. Concealing important functions e.g. pipes, machineries, utilities, yet easily accessible for maintenance and expansion.
  3. Fundamentally remove inter-floor penetration of pipes.
  4. Guiding wind therefore reducing wind loads.
  5.  Improving insulation.
  6. Improving harnessing of solar heat, light, waste heat, wind and concentrating them enough for low voltage power generations.
  7. Removing external wall seepage.
  8.  Reducing the strength needed for non-structural elements.
  9.  Enlarging application of low strength materials that can be made from agro waste fibers.
  10. Such panels will have higher damping, so mitigating earth quake damages, vibration by passing by subway train and surface traffic noise.  Such panels are light, reducing chances of collapse and injuries due to earth quake.
  11.   Facilitating post-disaster evacuation of victims and speeding up reconstructions.
  12. Opening huge market to agro waste and reducing rural poverty.
  13. Reducing static weight of buildings.
  14. Expanding column distance.
  15. Enabling buildings to become easily configurable.
  16. Providing high immediate and future values.
  17. Providing lower barrier for building and urban rejuvenation.
  18. Opening up a new market for the wealthy to frequently change the panel and the poor find abundant supply of used panels for their home. It can be a proliferation of the famous LaBoca of Buenos Aeries. (photo: courtesy of Jacek Kadaj, Warsaw, Poland)


Pragmatic Ambitions

This reminds us of JFK inaugural speech:
If a free society cannot help the many who are poor.
It cannot save the few who are rich.

My student, Dr Li Zhong Qi, pointed out this call is double negative and hollow .
We need directions with profitable solutions.

She proposed:
By creating better jobs for more, the richest becomes richer
By housing all, the rich and powerful secure peace for their wives, daughters and old age.

We come to share not as first-world Singaporeans, but humbly atoning the harms and sorrow we inflicted on you.
We remain silent while offering our best in writing, inventions and designs.

20120112 Riot in Manila Slump


Solvere Fourth Book “Post Industrialization Dynamos” Autumn 2009 ISBN 9810 833558


  1. Solvere added on Key challenges of Bio-waste materials

    Once lower strength material found big usage in construction. Next challenges bio-fibre face are pest and fire. There are well defined methods. But there are at least two more ways that we can derived from the basic of physics, exploit the natural counter measures, dispense through advanced technology made available by aerospace industries.

  2. The frustration raised by HE Mahathir Mohammad was explained by Solvere then. Not word by word:
    1. the challenges faced is not only Iskandar, is the whole world found no new direction for growth.
    2. Solutions is to find new direction for growth.
    3. better, using character of Johor and greater Malaysia
    4. How to use the overwhelming bio-waste for construction is one.
    5. I am most ready to assist
    HE open his invitation without actually effecting it.
    Today, three years latter, on Iskandar, PM of Singapore committed to set up a task force for manufacturing.
    This again was written and shared before PM went for meeting.

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