Friday, October 19, 2012

20121020 Give some respect to Hon Sui Sen - Great Founder

20121020 Give some respect to Hon Sui Sen - Great Founder

Under one generation of our great founders, we did important things with discipline.
We were well disciplined in our policies, from conceiving through to implementing.
However, when our founders stepped down, we have forgotten these disciplines - discipline that brought us success, rapid success, great success.

What shocked me is how in the name of some money, we command our founder to squat under, under the armpit of foreigner, foreigner that donate a sum of money.

In order to do so with certainty,

We built a taller building towering over Hon Sui Sen Library
Main facing of Hon Sui Sen library has no name, no name at all.

We named this new, tall building after some foreigner, rich tycoon
John Riady and let his name facing
facing this campus

We name a tiny alley that lead to the back of the library as
Hon Sui Sen Drive

We built a bridge, that is hardy used by anyone and command this alley,
Hon Sui Sen Drive to go underneath this bridge.

As students, visitors walking to the library, they have to go under this bridge.

Many using the alley, few used the bridge over their head.

They cannot see the name Hon Sui Sen Library
until they go under the bridge.
I cannot be convinced that the university, architect, donor are not humiliating our great founder.

If NUS and government do not take actions
Humiliation, more humiliation, outrageous humiliations will only visiting us more frequently, more intensely, more outrageously.

If NUS and government want to ensure, at their turns, they will be respected, then the only sure, easy, fast way, without offending the donor of the taller building is to

name the NUS Business school
Hon Sui Sen School of Management

and the main road 

Hon Sui Sen Way !

Thursday, October 18, 2012

20121019 Upholding Singapore Justice

20121019 Upholding Singapore Justice

This article is not about whether justice is just, and judgement is upheld.
It is about the basic principles - whether anyone can go into a court and interrupt its proceeding!

This has to be addressed and seen to be addressed with might and clarity.
Otherwise anyone can go into the court, parliament and make a circus out of all of them.
This has not happened even in Animal Farms governed by Pigs!

The creativity by one member of Law fraternity not only disrupted a court proceeding, sent scholars overseas, i met, dropped their jaws.

This event could not have happened if all responsible parties did responsibly, promptly. 

Now it is for the Chief Justice, Law Minister, Home Affair Minister to act on 
1. How anyone can interrupt the proceeding of a court?
2. Why the sitting judge, clerks, officers, security did no action in stopping this interruption?
3. Why the Chief Justice, relevant Ministers, Police did no action after this interruption?
4. What is the nature, intents of this interruption?
5. In whose interest this interruption served?
6. Is there or is there not connection between interested parties and the actors?
7. As this is not a civil nor criminal case, but one concerning the constitutions - the consideration and corrective action must they not be much higher? Must they not b
8. Would the President's opinion, advice and decision be published, necessarily published?
9. Is this the outcome of "teaching Lawyers to be creative" by the dean of law?
10. Under this situation, must or must not Prime Minister act on the purpose of law education, who to head Law Education in Universities?

Professor Simon Chesterman - "NUS needs to ensure that its graduates are not just good technical lawyers but are also creative thinkers and have the soft skills to work with people from different backgrounds"