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20121112 PSSP - Why Success Evade Singapore Leaders

20121112 PSSP - Why Success Evade Singapore 2nd and 3rd Generations Leaders

DPM Teo admitted our infrastructure plans fells short of population growth.

He is admitting a fact long recognized by the people, by foreign investors.
Few years ago, one Reuter wanted to discuss with me how,
"the ever flexible Singaporean is over extending and over committing beyond its ability to respond to its ability to respond to what lies ahead."

This is a fact stated nothing clearer than recent statement the international chamber chief Overmyer made.
His remark was published as the headline of TODAY, on Nov 12 and it is so important that obvious TREmeritus also has it there.

He expressed that the policies changes so fast on issues that affect businesses, and business decision need a longer term views.
Even in developing nations, situation may be chaotic, yet investors can find some trend to base their decision on.
Whereas Singapore, pride to be stable, the key policies on key driver of economy (the only leaders in world history to say that without more foreigners, our economy will stagnate.) is flip flopping faster than the trend of stock markets.
This is the what the Reuter meant about "ever flexible".

So our government want the people to embrace foreigners.
It is not so easy.
By employing foreigners, paying them high in banks, research institutions, not only they did not solve our problems (which Ngiam Tong Dow recently wanted our scholars to participate in policy discussion, but look at LKY School of Public Policies did they contribute to our public policies? Who are in there? ), they demand more as we see in recent cases of outburst by foreigner banker about construction next door. His abuse against, foreigners construction workers, raise the uproar of our people.
So many highly paid foreigners are not solutions.

By employing massive cheap labors, to do constructions, are their working conditions, terms complying to the land of this law, are their safety maintained at some minimal standard.
Can we recall Indian laborers bitten by rats in his resting place and died. His resting place is among the newly  congested little India?
Can we not find Chinese Embassy has to set up a special office, and place the form at the guard room of the MAIN ENRANCE of the embassy on labor disputes?

So massive cheaply paid foreigners are not solutions.
They created more problems, burdening the infrastructure is just one of them, small part of the bigger problem.

So our Prime Minister and others with him now have to realize -  the first part of PSSP

They are taking problems as solutions, 
in fact they are importing, creating, intensifying problems - they are not the solutions

Looking at the points Singaporeans bringing up, most are not published at the main media which the government control.
The mass media, is open to all, and can be best utilized by  those who can employ writers, designers and holding the telecommunication network - the government.

Yet so many good points are raised by the people are now admitted, implemented by the leaders?
So our people is the solutions.
Yet they are published not in the main media, but in the mass media.
So the one who hold main media, who has edge in mass media did not capitalize the solutions, the edge the have.
Yet our leaders think we are the problems, worse, making our solutions into problems.

I am sure there are many good, excellent, superior input from other Singaporeans.
But I can only  point to my personal journey, which i know the best.

In 2011 04 18, before the last election, knowing housing is one of the key issues. Mr Mah will cause the party to lost a lot of support. So suggesting to the PM, the MND to design housing affordable by the $1,000 income.
These involve law - law many others can do it, recently opposition provided one of them.
These also demand deeper insight into city planning, architecture, engineering, some were given  in subsequent articles.
But today, not only we are not taking this seriously, we are shown a short cut by raising the lower pay to $1,000.
Soon, we find inflation hitting 4.5%, the main component in this rise is housing.
Without using solutions properly, not only problems are not solved, solutions becomes problems!

In 2007 04 20 looking at the intensifying social and infrastructure tensions, i wrote to the Prime Minister recommending to divide the problem into hardware and software, so that he can focus, he can manage, he can even devise best methods to export to the world, he can cultivate able successor.

For hardware, it is Ministries of National Development, Water, and Transport.
To engineers, it is obvious Transport Minister is the one to lead this integration.
Because he can tell where to build housing that road and rail can serve better, cheaper, faster, better.
Because drainage, power can run along side road, and rail.
2008 07 25 Prime Minister announced this integration effort in Davos.
He announced TWO ministers, MND, and Water to lead the iintegration.
Not only this integration we did not hear any more. Minister of Transport stepped down. recently he said "PAP Fallen Apart!"
An integration suggestion resulting in the party, the nation fallen apart.

This is making Solutions into Problems.
Hardware failures is due to software - management failures.

In 2007 04 20 suggestions, it is recommended that MOE, MCYS, MOH, MHA jointly work as a team, to promote the integration of our people.
Today, not only there is no integration among them, we created more ministries among them.
One veteran People Association Chief, when i seek his opinions.
This retired PA Chief said, "Ah Yo, the ministry hold the problems has not the tools, and the ministry holding the tools are not responsible to the problem."

Before last election, i wrote the following and informed our Great Founder he has to step down, and sought his permission to publish.

What we are seeing is leaders are really falling behind the people and has not been able to catch up.
Solutions for growth, for efficiency, for cultivating successors were mishandled.

I write these, is not to claim credit of providing good solutions - i believe many Singaporeans are able to provide, some have been providing.

I write this is to tell the people, the leaders, we can be successful by our people, by our methods, by our inventions - when we have self-respect, respect ourselves, our ideas, our solutions 

It is without self-respect, respecting not ourselves, our ideas, our solutions
Leaders are making solutions into ineffective solutions, into problems, into infinite problems.

We need a New PM to stop this problem, to solve the problem to make Singapore progressing, prospering.

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