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20121129 Raise Low Income to $1,000 why it fail?

20121129 Raise Low Income to $1,000 why it fail?


Recently, Foreign Talented Chinese SMRT drivers did not turn up for duty, en-mass.
They also expressed dissatisfaction with the lower pay increment compared to others in a massive pay exercise.
This is an exercise not limited to SMRT nor bus drivers alone.
This is an exercise of increasing the pay of those below or around $1,000.

$1,000 was also mentioned when public housing is concerned.

Why $1,000

i do not know if there is other reasons.

i can only based on my 12 years of direct input to the Prime Minister, on important issues affecting Singapore survival, while providing solutions to grow Singapore ( including what are solutions for world issues, and Singapore can champion it,so that that Integrated Resort for Gambling be transformed into Integrating World Resources for growth.)

20110418 i provided input to the Prime Minister about why we must design housing to be owned by the low income, i pegging this as $1,000.

$1,000 is set as the world willing to pay for labor in a nation without own enterprises like Samsung, etc.
(even though we invested much bigger, earlier in wireless communication than Samsung.)

Technology and Law are needed to support it. 

Technology was published and latter informed the new Minister MND.
In his facebook reply, he asked MOS Lee to look into it.
As expected, i am still awaiting.

While Law i am confident there are others will think along the same line, so i more participate in this nation building.
Opposition has recently published one of the points - low cost housing not for open market resale.
Second points i am awaiting others to publish.

Why $1,000 is not about increasing Pay

$1,000 is set as the world willing to pay for labor in a nation without own enterprises like Samsung, etc.
(even though we invested much bigger, earlier in wireless communication than Samsung.)

This is decided by this nation 
  1. could not produce own food, 
  2. do not have own enterprise that create jobs that win world competition, 
  3. do not have own sportsmen, entertainer like PSY to earn foreign income.
We have reduced to nothing more than a contractor, sub-contractor, sub-sub contractor.

We do not need engineers, everyone knows that this is about reducing cost of food, housing, transport for the short sighted. We also need education, healthcare. 

Any responsible person do not need others to tell them this.

This therefore totally concurred with Leung Tze Hian.
Leong pointed out $1,000 is not even enough for basic living. 

Leong is an experienced, responsible thinker & speaker.
He has been providing help to many the needy.

He knows the real problem and he knows Singaporeans are responsible.
Singaporeans will not say i married first, have babies without considering housing, education, health care.

If there is leader of this nation that made decision less responsible than the citizen - this nation is doomed.

Can wrong make massive become correct

No one could expect that instead of holistically improving system efficiency, reducing cost, a generous increment was set for the low income group.

Our mainstream media is very sophisticated, they reported, at different timing without connecting them together.

  1. our inflation 4.5%.
  2. our growth, after sacrificing our principle of no casinos, is 1.5% 
while we know our population growing at about 10% (double in 10 years.)
(Please informed me if you have more accurate source and numbers.)

Our mass media despite repeatedly expressing negative opinions about mass migrants, showed understanding, sympathy to the Chinese SMRT drivers who did not turned up for work, en mass.

Both media reported the extra accommodation, despite spartan, poor condition, were the added benefit to migrant drivers.

Without good rest, can they serve safely, especially as MOM said - essential services.

I, stated clearly, the Prime Minister need to take every suggestion with full awareness of the immense responsibility this nation invested in him, solutions providers entrusted in him.

Assessing the situation, i have decided that the one Prime Minister that is going to lead Singapore out from repeated policy blunders, aggravating blunders. Blunder now spreading from infrastructure hardware to management of hardware, people - Overcoming requires basic commitment that we are yet to see.

This is when i stopped providing input in private, when this blog was started to keep the leader who is to hold the most important office, committed to the duty of the office, be best equipped to do so.

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