Monday, December 3, 2012

20121204En Solverel public apology to the Chinese Drivers

20121204En Solvere public apology to the Chinese Drivers

Solvere formally apologize to the 1.3 Billion Chinese for Solvere has recommended to his beloved Prime Minister about $1,000 income will be for Singapore mass for a nation without producing own food, own actors, own goods to compete in the world.

Reducing cost to improve our competitive edge is the recommendation.
However, it is not Solvere intention, expectation, imagination that increasing the low income is a solutions.

20110419 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology
Technology has been shared with Minister MND, Khaw Boon Wan. I am thankful he replied in his face book that MOS Lee Yi Shyan will act on it.
As i am not yet abandon my duty and emigrate, not yet a foreign talent, therefore, i am yet to hear from MOS Lee, a year has passed.

20110420 Save Singapore Housing - 4 Final Points
law include two points, i was confident many Singaporeans know, and i leave it for fellow citizens to elaborate:
1. Basic housing should be only between government and citizen, not open market. This opposition brought up recently.
2. With few or no children, 99 lease hold has not meaning. it should be life long, so that once we died, government can quickly provide for fellow citizens, and government get income to administer, to refurbish, to profit.

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