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20121219 How Temasek can become Key to Singapore Success

20121219 How Temasek can become Key to Singapore Success

When Engineers chase for Profit, without improving efficiency and capability, lose, great losses will be the outcome.
2000 when i informed a respected Engineer that this person will lead Temasek, it was with greater picture than profit making.
Profit making, GDP are easy to manipulate, Bankers just demonstrated to us through their inventions of derivatives.
We also recently raised the rent of $1(set by Colony Master) to $1,000,000(our people government)  for a Hospital run by Charity, (even though they need not pay $1,000,000 through subsidies).
This showed as government, presenting rosy picture is not difficult, even if the nation is bleeding.

I find it is my duty to inform the people of Singapore, especially the elected and the fourth Prime Minister of the Republic to stop our nation from multiplying,  accelerating, aggravating failures, and inflicting Sadness, Anger, Despise (SAD) on and through migrants and sending them carry SAD back to important corners of the world (China, India...)

Our future leaders will find themselves holding weak position in organizing an able & devoted team.
They will be weak in negotiating, if not unwelcome in nations, rejected by others from negotiation.
It is my duty to prevent these from happening.

Especially when Singapore Technologies Aerospace has set up bigger, higher value added plants in Penang.

Have Temasek wonder will one day Penang overtook Singapore as the base for higher technology center, after Penang produce higher values Electronics?
Will our universities graduate find themselves overqualified?
Will our service industries be impacted, when important exhibitions, conferences, etc will not be in Singapore?
Have Temasek wonder when Filipinos in Seagate said that Singapore Engineers are poor quality, after Singapore pride to be World Leader in Harddisk Manufacturing?

Have Temasek wonder 20121113 National Population and Talent Division stated that by 2030 150,000 foreigners may be needed, for the bulk of maids, health care, construction.  Are they really talent? Are they really producing export?
It is my duty to prevent these from happening.
Why me?

What i am sharing here, has been presented to the Prime Minister before these happened.
These things are so huge that anyone with concern would have seen it.

Yet a few months ago, i heard our top leader said the world talented make a lot of money.
I even heard him saying in India, we have to be more messy in order to grow.
I find this is an understanding that will lead this nation into even bigger failures.
I am not convinced that solutions for Singapore woes will be in him.

I find it totally astounding, as a nation, a government who suffered,  repeatedly suffering loss, immense losses at the hand of the talented, especially bankers.
I find we have been scrambling to fill key positions by foreigners after we fired many able.
Yet have we learnt?

We are a tiny nation depending on export to the world. So we must examine the bigger picture.
Have we not examined when the world top 10 companies are dominated by banks.
  1. This is the first time in history of fortune 100, that Banks not just entered top ten, but also dominated the list.
  2. They are top ten in terms of Revenue and Profit.
  3. Their return is 9% compare 4% of other industries. 
(Page 16, Post Industrialization Dynamos, Solvere, Autumn 2009, ISBN 9810 833558)

2008 11 19 shared with  DBS bank president Richard Stanley, at Old Parliament House
2009 05 08 shared with Ban k Negara Chief Zeti Akhtar Azis at MAS  in presence of Heng Swee Keat
  • that banks are conduit for liquidity flow between real supply and demand
  • they are not wealth creator
  • if they are, they are through distortion, exaggeration, fabrication
  • bankers must declare this, so that they live happier, respected

2009 01 Richard Stanely was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia
2009 04 11  he died

And indeed not only banks created negative interest rate, they indeed play a key role in creating "the most virulent crisis" as coined by Allan Greenspan 2009 03 11 & Ben Shalom Bernanke 2009 07 26

Even the Chief of Morgan told me that bankers are taking low profile now facing the reality.

Has our 3rd PM learnt: anticipated this when we invested big in UBS?
Which is taking our Command House to train Private Bankers?

UBS fined $1.5 billion in growing Libor scandal

I feel this is my duty to share with the people, especially the elected, that it was i who informed a respected Engineer at the turn of century, 2000, that:
  • Technological innovation came to stagnation, it no longer able to drive world economy.
  • Technology Era accumulated over abundance wealth, found no new investment opportunities.
  • Over abundance wealth will lead to negative interest rate.
  • Over abundance labor and brains will create wars. (a handwritten note was hand delivered to inform the next war will be in Central Asia, most likely in Afghan.) 
  • The only peaceful solution is to create new industries, bigger than electronics to keep the world larger labor and brains fully employed.

It was stated that this Engineer will lead Temasek.
It was clearly recommended to:

1. Hold the pulse of world economy to be the first to detect emerging industries.
2. Four Industries will provide earlier pulses and objective indicator:
  • Banking and Finance
  • Telcos Services
  • Media
  • Retails.
Identified these industries, when the objective is set clear, after the threat is clearly stated.
It is my failure in understanding our leader was distracted by the huge profit banks can derive, without considering these earning are not real. 

Without big picture, we micro-managed the investment

1. setting on any banks(regional banks, wealth management UBS), than banks serving new,real industries. 
2. setting on any telcos (Thailand, Australia are not trend setter)

Without holding the purpose right, not only we did not make profit, we did not detect clear sign of dangers, and inflicted major set back on our investment.

I find it therefore, a time to reflect and go to the first principle:
1. Sovereign wealth funds is not one aimed to make biggest earnings.
2. Sovereign wealth funds is to protect the values of the assets.
3. At most, it can be used to hold stable companies that serve the world at large.

Once these three principles are religiously complied, the leader of Temasek, GIC will be having less hectic time.
They can sit back and think of greater picture for this nation :
1. Improving efficiency of Government Link enterprises - so that our housing, transport, telecommunications, etc are most economical, fastest, best in the world. (Hangzhou provide free wifi for the whole city)
2. Cultivating successors to lead this nation. (by sending our youth to go interacting, learning, competing with world leading corporations.)

Then, our brilliant engineer can go back and choose, cultivate, future leaders, than chasing earnings.
This is a more important job, if not the key, the only key for Singapore's survival.

On the other hand, without respecting the reality of today's world economy, earnings will keep evading from us.

Heavenly order is meticulous, if you do not observe it, all effort are in vain, if not self-inflicting, self-destructing.

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