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20130126 Key to avoid Singapore collapse by PAP's Lightning - Right Direction

20130126  Key to avoid Singapore collapse by PAP's Lightning - Right Direction

Singapore's founders formed one unique party, party symbolized by Lightning.

We know lightning is destructive - common sense & experience told us so.
It has only very rare occasions that the power of lightning was detected, but not harvested for humanity usage. Many died in these experiments.

Singapore founding fathers were fortunate to have complementing strength, and they jointly identified a right direction for growth - disciplined approach in the development of capabilities.
They accomplished celebrated success in lightning speed.

It is noted by a retired chief of civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow that Goh Keng Swee is the only wealth creator among all the Founders. I noticed Mr Ngiam used "is" or  did i make a mistake.

Goh can create wealth because he carefully planed and carried and see through the development of our capabilities, our infrastructure...

Naturally, if Goh is the only wealth creator, after Mr Goh left, not only we are no longer creating wealth, our wealth depleting, our infrastructure falling apart in front of our eyes - is this what we witnessed?

It is just as rapid, as decisive as lightning.
We advanced to first world nation in lightning speed.
We falling into disarray equally fast.
Two years ago, when diplomats did not agreed with such foresight.
Today no one disagreed.

I come, not to discredit the 3PM Lee Hsien Loong.
Since 2001 i have given direct input to him, and unfortunately such input was misapplied. I understand his limitation and constrains, anyone in such position and yet shouldering such responsibilities worthy to feel sorry.
I feel sorry for Singaporeans to see sunset as early as 3pm on an easy nation on the tropics.

Exactly ten years after failing to quietly helping 3PM from failing, i started the blog.

It take good guidance from man and heaven sent that i started this blog, to share what the PM can do and did not accomplished.
So that by 4PM, Singapore will not see dark night, but bright day rising.

To prevent Singapore collapse, i will present how Singapore can advance forward to be a model worthy for the world to emulate.

I cannot agree with Mr Ngiam Tong Dow that Singapore can be second tier city like Boston.
Boston has two world top Universities, Harvard and MIT. How many world heads of government, heads of states, key officers of leading enterprises were educated there, sharing their experience from there.
Boston is unique and unassailable, it is not second tier.

I cannot agree with Mr Ngiam that Singapore can choose to be second.
Singapore cannot choose to be second because, we have no capital and resources to be second to win any contracts for our export oriented economy, an economy without own enterprises.
Worse, major enterprises (native or foreign) are led by foreigners.

World is tightly connected, we are merely subcontractor, if we are second in ability, quality, pricing, we will never win any contracts.

So we must choose a few points that Singapore can be first in the world to win a living for ourselves.
These points are not formed overnights, but over 13 years of observations, analysis, foresighted event written down, supported by inventions, patents, that are applied by other nations, but ignored, rejected, or misapplied by Singapore officers.
I feel sorry for those officers affected, many of them were despised by Singaporeans.
I must shoulder part of this failure, as i failed to persuade 3PM, despite accurate prediction of time, space and magnitude of happenings.
All these cannot be done by man alone, i must thank heavenly blessing.
Just like we escape death from serious illness (which i had), not by our ability, but by heavenly granted grace.

Lightning is swift and mighty. Its immense power if harnessed can do great things.
Ostrich did not buried their heads when facing threats, else ostrich would not exist today.
Lightning is faster, mightier than Ostrich.

I come to assist Singapore Prime Minister to secure survival, growth and happy living for Singaporeans.
I love Singapore Prime Minister to succeed, not that he deserves to succeed, but if he failed, Singaporeans will be worse than American Red Indians.

Maya Last day did not come on 20121221
Mayan vanished the day they failed to defend themselves.
It was centuries before 2012.

Mayan did not invite, pay the education, appoint to key positions migrants to the their land !
Yet Mayan vanished.
Singapore is doing a more drastic experiment unprecedented in human history.

A previous article on Temasek will be rewritten as the first of the series.

Chief of Temasek is one great Engineer deserves to contribute more to Singapore and the world at large.

Any act to prevent Singaporeans from helping leaders to avoid fatal mistakes, to bring peace, prosperity and happiness to Singaporeans is worse than treason.

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