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20130129 State Singapore is In

20130129 State Singapore is In

PM admission in IPA yesterday showed that we have failed in our planning since 2001.

PM Lee admits govt lacked 20/20 foresight By May Wong | Posted: 28 January 2013 2145 hrs

He merely stated a symptom of critical lack, but not what is needed and how he is going to overcome.

What is not clearly stated is also that the policies have been focusing on short term indicators, housing transactions, figures on economic growth.
He did not clearly state he realized leading, governing a nation is NOT about the above, but about improving the life of Singaporeans, building a better Singapore. Ant this can only be by cultivating Stronger Singaporeans.
If the PM did not realize explicitly, our failure will not just continue, our failure will escalate beyond this setback we witness today.

Whenever there is a major setback, many will jump ship, while those on board may blame others, go against each other, or try to impress others he is running his own campaign, dissociating himself from the party that he runs for.
This is not just sad, it is sick, it is a manifestation of grave sickness.

We need to heal this nation.
Leading is beyond Governance, Economic Growth.
Governance is not about tax-collecting, subsidies.
Economic Growth is not about housing prices, transaction.

The key is to set a clear, profitable, achievable direction, so that all will fall in place and jointly work towards the goal, which will profit all, than jumping ship, than exposing, stabbing each other.


What i am sharing here are my personal inputs to our leaders.
I believe there are more, better ideas conceived, even conveyed to our leaders, i must respect and hope to learn from them, especially fellow country man who needs to be encouraged, respected, supported to get good ideas effected.

It is only these that we can together bring an about-turn for Singapore.
About-turn for Singapore is to stop Singapore in front of a cliff.
About-turn to stop us from falling into a worse abyss than the historical one of Red Indians of the America.

Red Indians after realizing their warmly treated visitors are against them, destroying them, they fought fearlessly.
Red Indians were described as barbaric.

We invited those who did not even plan to come and worship them as our savior.
How can we not be perceived as idiotic?

This tell us one thing - a nation can be destroyed earlier by man than heavenly planned.
Any fairytale by leaders asking audience to raise their hand to vote on how long will Singapore survive is irresponsible, if not naive.

This i hope will help leaders to become able, successful, outstanding leaders.

Root Cause of Singapore Demise

I am blessed by few great leaders, trained by Goh Keng Swee directly or indirectly. They empowered me, guided me, provided me opportunities, encouragement to carry out some of the tasks, that impressed Boeing, Airbus...

Unfortunately, one died in his young age of stress similar to Wong Kok Siew.
The other was called into office and heard his boss telling him: "KL, this company is so small, just need one of us, tell me what you plan to do..." KL, a very strong person went back to his office and cried, and left this national enterprise. He became MD of world leading aeroengine concerns, while this national enterprise open up big time in Penang, not Iskandar, not Singapore - would one day Penang overtake Singapore?

I believe all credible leaders would hold strong passion for their nation, their hometown, be it Ipoh, be it Penang.

I heard Mr Ngiam Tong Dow in NUS lecture, recalling telling Mr Liew Mun Leong - a dynamic leader, that Liew may do better in private sector than in civil service.

i, a person fully of naivity, cultivated a few good engineers. Knowing where they can be best contributing. So i presented one to Singapore Technologies Chief Tan Pheng Hock. We did not need more than three emails, Mr Tan told me he preferred foreign talent than this MIT fresh graduate - even our scholars are not given a starting point to launch his career !

Do we not conclude that our nation cannot draw any outstanding person to lead this nation, from tested institutions, e.g. civil services, from companies winning world competitions e.g. GLCs?

I am naive but not ignorant. I understand human nature.
I come to bring us these is not to discredict Tong Dow, Pheng Hock, or Chak Yam. But it is time for you to realize, that at your age, it is for your benefit to cultivate young able ones who are devoted to our nation building. These young able ones will be in time to secure peace for their old age than taking jobs away from them.
This is also to encourage senior able officers like Prof Tommy Koh, Kishore to cultivate more able young people this nation is in dired needs.

And if among them, those do not stand up and offer a seat to their mentor, e.g. Philip Yeo, at world city prize and let Philip find himself a seat at the far back corner, you know you have chosen persons that will do the same to you, when you run out of good ideas, when you fail.

It is time all the Institutions to focus on cultivating able Singaporeans to lead Singapore.
Those able, devoted retired Chiefs, we may have to recall them.

Is it some responsibilities we need to shoulder that our great founder has lost hope in our officers, our civil services, our people, so clearly that:
  1. Our PM did not engage our LKY SPP to study Policies, minister pay, floods, energy, even LKY has all the centers, and led by mostly foreigners.
  2. Our PM did not ask from Rajaratnam School for Foreign Minister, since most of them are foreigners, foreigners here that will not be invited to solve problems here.
  3. Our PM did not ask our Minister Mentor to see who he can field from those MM has been mentoring - since...
  4. MM himself said not eleecting George Yeo is a great loss, without telling the electorates that if you kill one, i have 20 more ready, that is my job, i have been doing, i have been successful in doing.
Can we blame him, since we also only look for foreign talents, even those foreigners we do not know where they come from, the world do not know even where they went to years after they left us? How can they be exceptional talent that we entrust our jewel into their hands?

Singapore is small, but our challenges are never too few, too small, to have more, able people that can help us to mount greater height than taking away our cushy jobs.
This is the state of our nation....

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