Wednesday, February 6, 2013

20130207 Gillian White Paper - Inderjit Singh to Explain

20130207 Gillian White Paper - Inderjit Singh to Explain

It is so easy to say we need more, new foreigners, they are either talented to get high pay or cheap labor that we can deport at ease.

Before i write the promised article on Gillian White Paper - A Navy Commander must reasoned.
I just wrote a note, yesterday, to DPM Teo on some point he may need to consider.

Something more vivid, easier to understand yet this government, this Gillian White Paper cannot explain is
how do you choose foreigners to head even administrative position.

Let us not talk about so many Li Ka Shing Professors to LKY SPP that Dean Kishore does not even today personally introduced them.

Middle East Institute Prof Hudson brought along a secretary. I asked why?
So she went home.
Why do i need to ask?
Why not the University, why not the Ministry of Finance?

Inderjit is an eminent Alumni of NTU

same as Er Lee Bee Wah

In this glossy paper printed circular to all NTU alumni.
We are informed NTU just employed a foreign talent, who has fund raising in his heart to lead fund raising for NTU.
Is he going to put Tan Lark Sye to shame by raising more money than setting up Nantah?
Is he going to put Lee Kuan Yew to shame by raising more money from overseas than LKY School?

These are the donors to LKY School, now.
How many are foreign firms?
Historically, what is the evidence you can raise money from foreign country for a university?

Below is Raffles College then.
Have we improve our ability to extract funding from overseas? 
Have we raise more money from overseas for a living, world respected founder of Singapore than a college named after a dead man, Raffles, an officer of East India Company, an opium trader.

Running a nation is not micro-surgery.
The facts are stark in front of us.
Not only a Navy Commander can easily reason what is a good policy.
A mathematics major can also do it well, much better than a white paper in front of us.

I just hope both of you take a careful reasoning, to your best.
Than shooting from the heap, and telling us tomorrow is better, after telling us we need casinos, gambling.
And yet casinos did not bring us any better life, but retarded our social peace.
There is only drugs, not even prostitution can be more profitable.

Heaven has repeatedly show signs, damages, life lost after each misstep, wrongly spoken statement, which i privately worded with PM Lee Hsien Loong.
Can PM be respectful of heaven order than willful free wheeling ?
Heaven is kind to give us chance to atone our inability, poor judgement.

Running a nation is not micro-surgery.
The facts are stark in front of us.
Do not take these for granted.

and who is the new dean of medical school for NTU?
did our education failed, did our medical services failed in cultivating a leader?

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