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20130320 Why 3PM Must Immediately Step Down

20130320 Why 3PM Must Immediately Step Down

This is not about giving priority to Singaporeans as General Tan Chuan Jin is saying.
After decades, the 3PM is still not able to create jobs suitable for a first world nation's citizens, all literate, many college graduates.

You read 3PM concluding speech on the White paper, he said we need the foreign talent to come to do construction, to take care of the old age, and he pause, paused..
He does not know what type of jobs other than these domestic expenditure jobs he can create.

These jobs do not help our export, do not earn income for us to buy water, rice, ikan billis, never mind about petrol and spares for SMRT.
These increase our import of sand, cement, steel...
These speed up bleeding our wealth for more construction workers, nurses...
More cheap labors, angry cheap labors, going on more MC, turn up late for work, sit on cranes after cannot getting pay, sent back home for ...

We need new drivers for our economy.
Clear alternatives, real, profitable Solutions have been provided in 2006 05 18

"World has Lost Direction - Reasons & Solutions herein……"
A Special Strategy Paper For the Visionary & Pragmatic Leader
A Politician & Experimental Sociologist
Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

I have wrote to him to seriously consider stepping down immediately.
This is a tiny nation, we have no hinterland to seek refuge.
We cannot afford a Prime Minister keep on freely handing out apologies.
1. Without knowing what is the wrong the apology is about.
2. Without consulting his own party members before going national dialog.
3. Without consulting his Ang Mo Kio GRC comrade Iderjit Singh before the white paper.
4. Without examining how Institute of Policies Studies come up with a paper, the word "Policy" has to be deleted by his PAP backbenchers.
5. Without mobilizing the mightiest machine of Singapore success - EDB when talking about growth.
6. Without reducing wastage (AIMs) of our government, that was the first assignment he took as MOS of MTI.
7. Not only there is no vision, no understanding, also showing our institutions, institutions we heavily invested not only did not pro-actively helping grow, stopping mistakes, could not put up a proper paper the institution is set up to do.

7 is the number of grace, 3PM is a good, devoted man.
But to be a PM, one need to be cultivated by wealth generator, the like of Goh Kehg Swee, or be a real talent, or heaven blessed.

8, for prosperity, we must be acutely aware that our most trusted ally, mightiest ally America is harsh on our small acts. Another mighty nation China, tell us quietly, but clearly:
" The Chinese Embassy hope the relevant authority effectively resolve the root cause of SMRT Bus Drivers problem and stop similar events from repeatedly happening "

20130226 中国驻新加坡大使馆发言人关于中国巴士司机事件的谈话(九)......中国大使馆希望有关方面切实解决引发此案的根源性问题,避免类似事件再度发生。
I write this with heaviest of heart, cos i love my nation, so i love my Prime Minister, i love, have been helping  him, helping him with my best to be successful.

I do so at this moment of Singapore turning point, because i remembered 3PM spoke in Japan about Inamura no Hi.

To alert the villagers of the coming of Tsunami, one burnt down his rice sheaves so that those in the danger zones rush up the hill to fight the fire. His property was burnt down, but hundreds lives was saved.

We are not talking about a few hundred lives, we are talking about millions livelihood, we are also talking about regional stability.

I come prepared to be sacrificed, i wrote to HE our founder Lee Kuan Yew and HE 3PM Lee Hsien Loong recently.

American Red Indian fought courageously to defend their land, they failed, they were called barbaric.
Singaporeans, without intruders so do not need to put up a fight. Without natural disasters, yet our infrastructure falling apart. With orderly, educated citizens, we failed to get basic jobs - we will be remembered as Idiotic.

3PM is a more sincere person, but after more than half a century of cultivation, tormented by failures, repeating failures, aggravating failures, proliferating failures, all encompassing, all penetrating failures, he really deserve a rest.

Because the salvaging of this mess need a visionary, mightier, wiser, able, committed, articulate Prime Minister, that may have to work long, hard hours, abandoning wife, children, facing threats from foreign nations, negotiating to seeking peace, articulate away from accommodating corrupted foreign leaders, bringing back able people, accepting more capable people ... is this person in the cabinet now.


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