Thursday, March 21, 2013

20130321 HDB showed a Direct Sure Key to Singapore Success

20130321 HDB showed a Direct Sure Key to Singapore Success

Today, former Chief Executive of HDB, Dr Liu Thai Ker shared the history of HDB at the Ministry of National Development Auditorium.

This is an important sharing at a critical moment.

It is so important because today, we are at a junction of where is Singapore heading. We have been prospering, our policies, strategies have been admired, even emulated by many around the world. 

Yet in the name of growth, we have abandoned the key institutions, the core principles that bring about our success.

Key Mission of HDB - provide affordable housing for all, latter, when HDB succeeded in doing so, HDB developed to provide better housing for all.

One singular body with 
  1. clear mandate, 
  2. without competition, 
  3. yet able to be efficient, expedient, 
  4. decisive in achieving the objectives, 
  5. good long term planning, 
  6. careful design not to have blind corners so as to prevent crime
  7. continuously improving, 
  8. getting estate managed by estate officers under HDB 
  9. they keep feeding back on defects, needs, wants.. 
  10. they ensured lifts are reliable, detect even before the lift can fail.
  11. loan arranged by government
i did not hear him mention about PAP run town council with AIM computer software
not worker party run town council without computer software
not new software specified by AIM...
all run by the government, one government, one first world government !

Dr Liu recounted in one of his evaluation, that with this singular body, we gained economy of scale, e.g. the cost of construction is 30% less than by private contractors... planning ahead to buy sand.... paying on time to contractors.

This is the will, political will of our founding leaders.
This is the same answer given by former CPIB Chief - Chua Cher Yak after he retired:

"Our job is driven by the political will
We can only be as effective as the Government wants us to be"
Tanya Fong 2005 06 30 Straits Times
Page 2-42 of Cognose - Recover the Lost key to Infinite Wisdom
Cognose 2005 Winter
ISBN 9810 513757
Can be found at the Old Parliament House 

This is the same, number of people, our infrastructure, our cost of factory rental, electricity, water, brains, labors, housing, food, education, health care, telecommunication, public transport, private transport, goods transport, construction machines....

Do not tell me we have 2 health care groups,  2 Public Transport operators, 3 Telecoms company, many taxi companies, countless health insurances, more than double our population we are more able, more competitive, therefore we are more economical, we can win international contracts...

In MIT, we always joke that Harvard students cannot count.
So do not laugh at our great founder when he insists to have more than 5 Millions so that our population will not become less than 3 million.

Obviously, you have every right to laugh at Engineers' English, but at least we get you reliable, cheap, fast, beautiful computer that can sing, dance, play on your lap, in your palm, longer hours on battery ...and you pay at a lower price each time and keep buying new, better, faster, prettier, easier to use ...

More is for the less skillful, lazy to think, unable to innovate, refuse to accept when Singaporeans providing the Prime Minister better solutions.

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