Wednesday, April 17, 2013

20120418 Kishore Diplomatically Telling us....

20120418 Kishore Diplomatically Telling us....

ALL of us must respect Prof Kishore.
If you know him personally. He is a real worldly wise person.
Otherwise how to stay a float among diplomatically speaking brutal colleagues, peers.
He knows where Singapore stand in front of the world diplomats.
Has our standing improving over the four decades !
He bring this comparison of Frog in the well and the Butterfly fluttering to compare Singapore with or without foreigner.

An excellent Diplomat !

We know beautiful butterfly come out of ugly looking caterpillar.
We also know caterpillar happily chewing away green juicy leaves in our garden, and fly away as beautiful butterfly and......
and come back to give birth to more, many more caterpillar!

Kishore is a great diplomat!

He knows garden city is gone with so many butterfly!
Garden city is hard press to produce enough room for the butterfly to rest, passages for the butterfly to move around.
Minister Khaw, Minister Lui are hard pressed !

Kishore bosses just looked at the beautiful butterfly.

We have not yet start to count are we producing enough leaves to feed the overwhelming number of caterpillar, caterpillar now set their foot on this tiny garden.... many in his LKY School of Public Policies!
In Kishore's colleague Prof Tommy Koh word .... unconscionable !

Beyond Ignorant, Ignoring !!

Kishore bosses just looked at the beautiful butterfly.

Garden may need some bees, butterfly to help bring pollen to flowers, to conceive.
However, if garden is overcrowded by butterfly, and caterpillar is same number as the juicy leaves in the garden, can plants suvive? can caterpillar be fed, cocoon and come butterfly? (added 20120419 2333) 

Kishore is great, he tell a brutal truth with beautiful words without fluttering his eyes, butterfly in his stomach!
Just wonder Prime Minster realized this is not a joke Kishore is telling about this government !
He is telling a truth, a brutal truth about Singapore Public Policy as the Dean of Public Policy !

Kishore is telling the Prime Minister how brutal it is if you do not take care of your own garden !
A brilliant diplomat !
This is diplomacy!
Who is the frog?


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  2. Solvere has left a new comment on your post "20120418 Kishore Diplomatically Telling us....":

    It need no clarification to those who have common sense.
    However, since we are doing an experiment unprecedented in history, some careful, detailed explanation may be needed - cos some may say we needs butterflies, bees for the flower to be impregnated.
    But when there are equal number of bees+buttefly+caterpillar as the number of leaves in the garden.
    Can this garden thrive?
    Will not the plant die?

    This need to be stated clearly so that those who invented this First and Last Social Experiment of man-kind may jump and shoot for their hips - no bees, no butterfly, how do my flowers bear fruits.

    We are not against butterfly, but we are saying number of buttery flies, number of caterpillar the same as number of leaves !!

    Our flowers will die, our plant will be eaten balded by caterpillar, our garden will lay wasted.

    Butterflies and Bees will say bye bye.
    Not all fruits of impregnation of our flowers are by butterflies, bees !

    [20111031 Singapore - The First and Last Social Experiment of Mankind]