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20130421 Cover Letter for Why 3PM Must Immediately Step Down

20130421  Cover Letter for Why 3PM Must Immediately Step Down

Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2013 3:57 AM
Subject: 20130320 Why 3PM Must Immediately Step Down

Dear Fellow Singaporeans who are committed to construct, or merely want a better Singapore

This is the first time I publish a blog, informed the Prime Minister, without concurrently circulating to you.
This is because I love my nation, therefore I love and do my very best for him to be a successful Prime Minister.

When I informed PM, I informed him that he needs to step down before April.
I hoped the Prime Minister know the severity and change course.
For fourteen years, I took every recommendation, timing with absolute responsibility and clear knowledge of what is to come.

However, April 5, not April 1, only thing is we became a world stage comedian, doing something that do not profit our pocket, profit is what all comedian sacrifice their character to do for, just like Casinos.

Our PM is a more sincere man, he does not bad mouth people, therefore may I ask everyone not to portray him as a comedian.
He is a more sincere person, he should be spared from abused.

However, all this can happened, showed a deep weakness within.

If a Prime Minister is committed to the progress of our nation, and commit his effort, whole effort to make progress for our nation.
Everything he thinks about is how to market Singapore, how to make Singapore relevant to the world, how to make others need us.
After speaking of Free Smoke in Beijing, Free Pork Soup in Shanghai…
Is it not so difficult, is it natural that he would have said

Great Britain, America, Japan gone through the same stage
Let us Singapore, work with American industries to help China..
Singapore is your gateway to China, peaceful way
Peaceful gateway without aircraft carrier, costly weapons, costing American lives…… yet profit is immense… profit is sustainable!

Without Rajaratnam School to adequately educate our leaders on Foreign Policy and Diplomacy.
Without LKY School of Public Policies successfully formulating policies for Singapore to move forward.
Even with mightiest leader of our time appointed as full time mentor, we failed to produce a single first class leader.

Instead, he is a free rider, push the responsibilities to Chinese, victim made victim once more.
All this can happened, showed a deep weakness within.

I do all these knowing the severity, so severe that this nation will perish, Singaporeans will live worse than American Red Indians.
Red Indian did not give scholarships to migrants, did not have migrants dominate their Public Policy School, Foreign Affair School.

Red Indians at least have Casinos to be operated by them, as grace decided by the migrants, migrants that now occupied Red Indian’s mother land, deciding Red Indians’ fate.
We, Singaporeans, are not given a chance to even operate a small gaming den.
Yet we lent the platform for Sands to ride on us and became the first business entity in history to earn a Billion in a quarter.

This I asked during Q&A at Ngiam Tong Dow speech at NUS, he asked Peter Ho, then Chief of Civil Service to answer.         
Why, why Malaysians, Macao people can operate casinos, how come Singaporeans can built aircraft key system, we cannot operate casinos?
I did not hear Peter Ho answered.

When I started this blog, I started with heavy heart.

Because it is after 12 years of providing quietly, discretely hand delivered insight, foresight, telling the Prime Minister size, location and root causes of troubles coming to us, impact to the world, even before 3rd PM became Prime Minister. All these delivered complete WITH ROOT CAUSES and SOLUTIONS!

21 Foresighted 20130418
22 Journey 20130417
Foresighted and Journey are for PM to disagree if I did not do what I wrote on the wall I did.

When I started this blog, the name of the blog clearly stated “Better Singapore, Stronger Singaporeans
After two year of blogging, everyone talking about “Better Singapore
Have we not realized we need “Stronger Singaporeans” to make a Singapore better ?

However, as event evolving, not only we did not realize, we are handing out subsidies without improving efficiency, without identifying, reducing wastage…
While we are hastily, heavily increased tariff all across the board on key elements, including tuitions fees for educations …... before Education Minister Swee Keat turn and examine every stone.

After 14 years, of helping 3PM, to improve Singapore capability and competitiveness, the change of Prime Minister, to me, is inevitable, is needed immediately.

The one who is going to succeed is clear to me, many PAP members are actively seeking help, devising partial solutions.
While WP do their best to articulate without being sued, solutions WP offer are less than what I have shared (shared with White and Colorful MPs, MOS, M) and PAP are starting to implement, therefore WP need to actively devising solutions, work with the right people to come up with excellent solutions than raising tax of the rich, housing priced at the medium income…. ….

20110417 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 1 Reasons behind Housing Policies

Singapore is a small island, well educated, discipline, respectful citizens.
Therefore solutions holistic, solution effective can be precisely devised, can be rapidly implemented, can be profiting within a short while.

Our nation, after two generations of leaders who did not produce progress yet our nation survives is because of great character, ability, cultures of Singaporeans.

Singapore now has top class citizens, not yet first world parliament, no more first world government.

I come to work with those who are committed to rescue this nation, together we shall construct a better Singapore….only way to construct is to make Singaporean stronger in doing things, good things, constructive things efficiently, elegantly the world need from us.

Solutions has been hand delivered to HE LKY on 2006 05 18.
The World has Lost Direction, Reasons and Solutions here in….

Key elements has been mentioned in big way by HE without effort to see them to fruitions.
Even great, mighty leader need strong team, so that they look good even facing a terrible scenario, e.g. rejected by Tunku on 1965 08 09.

Today, we are facing a worse scenario
we lost our software - wise articulate leaders, yet we are inviting more, cheap labors and highly paid not so relevant people.
we also lost our hardware Public Work Department – our geographic information is lost, yet we are building more, bigger, deeper, faster all over the places…

We need a new Prime Minister, who is wise, capable, committed and willing to carry the responsibility, immense responsibility in face of domestic woes, international conflicts.

This is because I love my nation, therefore I love and do my very best for our Prime Minister to be a successful Prime Minister.
This is the first time I publish a blog, informed the Prime Minister, without concurrently circulating to you.
The reason, is clear, I already tried my very best to help our Prime Minister to be successful, respected by the world.

A fourteen year effort !

Solvere Lim Swee Keng
Engineer, Inventor, Philosopher 

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