Wednesday, May 15, 2013

20070408 Beginning or Ending

20070408 Beginning or Ending

This writing was hand-delivered to the Great Founder Lee Kuan Yew Office.
This is done after a founder said the world has fallen into decadence, we might as well fallen together. Casinos was the hot topic at that time.
It is with a photo took at Potong Pasir, and the subject, even the green light at the background cannot be arranged by man,

In essence:

Beginning or Ending

Temptation is one everyone face
Heaven has a height we can reach
Hell has no bottom we cannot breach
Green light is at the back
If you want to take a fast track
You may return to where i begin.

Beginning or Ending

i labor hard, with my heart, my strength throughout my journey
i set the path lighted, life easier for my children
by doing so, do they appreciate it, do they continue my way
i wonder, this very moment, when darkness cast ahead on my path
the future need not be brighter for myself
i cannot count on them
i labor on, with what i have now
i labor on, with my strength and determination
i labor on, with basic tools
cherish every bit heaven blessed me with
trading them for my living
i look not yonder, ask not for more
just look forward
even my feet heavy and my soul tired
i move on, step by step

my friend (Gen Suharto) provided his children with Racy Cars
now he lost all wealth, powerless and cannot even leave his house
Big brother (Uncle Sam) told me freedom is the high virtue
now he lost all his friends and his family is in disarray
and his decadence wares, pop arts sell no more
my brother (China) learn from me, the hard discipline and be efficient
and now, even old saints teachings become hotter than pop stars
all the world congregate at his door steps
ignore not exceptional wisdom among children i wholeheartedly raised
lust not others not even dare to dream
conquering not land, but your own greed
serve the nation with your heart

hearts within you cannot be tamed
how could challenges any you can stand
i am a common man
i cannot raise from my grave
even i love my children so much
what i can do, i already done
heaven already provided you with better life

Experience definitely tell you to be efficient in every doing
 Rally every bit you have and not buy the best with all you have
 Good men will come to you for lesser if you are good
 While those not so good will come to you ask for everything better
 Your greatest value, to the world
 is you do more, better, faster with less
 then the world will pay you your worth
Even Billions will be a small rewards

Light is Green on the other side
If you yearn for fast lane
You may lost what i have provided you
You will soon realize you are going back
to where i began...

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