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20130511 To those who do not think we are failing

20130511 To those who do not think we are failing, may we examine the following:

First all the PMes insisted on a migrant driven economy.
Then 3rd PM's economy clearly showed it is not viable, when migrant population ceaselessly growing at more than 3% (my estimate is 10%),  growth is close to zero, inflation is more than 3%.
Only after the people alerted the danger, then 3rd PM creatively promise to expand migrant population to a certain level, and abruptly stopped there, without sound logic.
For any healthy economy, population will be continuously growing, gradually growing, growing in corresponding to the improvement of living condition, skills & wealth creation.

Then 3rd PM
1. Introduced decadence industries, Casinos is one of the oldest of trade everyone can do, yet allowed only foreigners to operates. Those foreigners who are not even yet committed to be Singaporeans.  (After Crazy Horse closed within months of operation),

2. After Casinos, following Crazy Horse, fail to provide sustainable growth (grow is now lower than inflation, i cannot be sure growth is not negative) - Do not have new industries in mind, and yet insist on expanding the population.

3. Get Liu Thai Ker, who is a city planner, to testify the city can accommodate 10 million people. Ignoring the sustainability is decided by the economy, not physical space. When you are economically stronger, you can not just build more, but also better, elegant spaces, you can buy land, you can sent our people to station overseas to develop economy, operate our overseas regional headquarters, offices, factories, farms. Since we already stationed military pilots in America.

Minister Khaw Boon Wan has made two clear statement:
1. Our expansion of population 
     a. do not lead to economy of scale
     b. do not reduce cost of operations & living 
     c. do not improve our income & economy (which almost remain stagnated)
    so we are paying highest salary for our leaders to make our living worse. So our aged is recommended to live in Johor.
2. Our citizen are willing to pay for escalating tuition fees. We will be producing more highly educated workforce, than jobs the economy can provide - our economy under 3rd PM is only creating low paying service jobs, while high paying offices in institutions are reserved for foreigners.

We used to have great bankers.
Great bankers celebrated here and overseas, decades after their death, Tan Kah Kee, Lee Kong Chian, 
Tan Lark Sye...
Today, most banks, exchanges are run by migrants.

This is first and last social experiment of man kind.

20111031 Singapore - The First and Last Social Experiment of Mankind

This is not genocide.
Genocide is too bloody, but only kill the people there and then.
Genocide may not demolish the ability of the people, of the institution (the executioners need the institution to govern what is left behind), there and thereafter.
We need a new term.

This is not Qing Kuai,秦儈 the most infamous traitor of Chinese History,
He only sent one brave loyal general to be executed.

After the son sacrificed the father promises, the great founder's out of the grave promises, about to have or not to have Casinos!
Did Casinos provide driving power for the economy? 
We do not need to ask even about any jobs, better jobs created for anyone, never mind about Singaporeans?

After adding the lowest moral industries - Casinos
Is our economy growing faster than our neighbors?

After removing Mother tongue, or merely de-emphasizing.
With massive Chinese migrants, many giving private Chinese tuition.
Is our Chinese ability improving?
Recently, world Chinese singing competition, they have judges also from Hongkong, Malaysia, no judges from Singapore. It was won by a Malay singer from Malaysia.
What does the world tell Singapore?

Thinking Bio-tech can drive our economy, Biotech did not drive after investing huge sum, appointing most driving civil servant to lead.

After removing workshop training in secondary schools, we need foreigners to come and investigate where did we go wrong in designing our drains?
Can we deny we are not de-empahsized manufacturing, de-emphasized technology ?
Can we be better, stronger or weaker, worse ?

After abandoning what we once did best, manufacturing.
Thinking there is higher industries than manufacturing, that we do not need manufacturing once we become advanced nation. 

Have our leaders move outside of their hotels, in Europe, Japan, America...
Are there farming, producing fresh milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, grains, meat?
Are there no factories, no manufacturing ?

It is wrong to think when you scaled up the skill ladder, you can abandon farming, manufacturing?

20060518 Paper deliver to HE LKY listed urban planning, water way design... urban farming as key the world will need, Singapore can develop, can provide model & solution, can lead the world.

After Singapore investing great sums in R&D led by Migrants.
Yet how much did we profit from these R&D
Yet our R&D is said to be exploited by foreign nations, e.g. Huawei to gain technology for China ?
Yet we are not just asking foreigners to take charge of our R&D, also do the R&D overseas.

Yet Penang Electronics Industries, soon aerospace manufacturing will be surpassing us.
Not only we weaken our ability to design oldest things - drains.
We may have to go to Johor to buy components we need in our daily life.

Our neighbors do not need to sacrifice such solemnly sweared pledges.
They do not need casinos, they stop operating more erotic dances (Queen Bee and Machinta in Johor Bahru) than crazy horses start in Clark Quay.
They do not need so many migrants.
Yet they are growing faster, healthily.

After we collecting higher tuition, huge levies from Foreigners, huge sum from Casinos rental and taxes

Do we reduce the cost of education & housing for our children
Do we reduce factory rental, transport for those proper, moral, productive businesses? 
We increase the tuition for our children just because we increase more for migrants.
We, after collecting higher rent from casinos, we rapidly increase the rent for factories, food stalls, offices, that the moral, productive industries cannot afford.

Note : that Goldsand owner recently proudly claimed Goldsand is the world highest earning building (that make the living poor), than pyramid (that buried the dead of the Royalty.)

When the industries cannot afford workers levies, transport (public, private, commercial transports), rental - they bankrupt, pulled out.
Is this accident, anticipated or smartly designed and planned for all Singaporean business to fail?
This is not asking us to be socialist to handout the poor a little more.
This is making capitalist also failing in their businesses.

3 Millions Singaporeans produced many public listed companies, that once lead the world in electronics manufacturing.
3 Millions people producing many jobs, feeding the 2 million migrants, especially those high offices in banks, research institutions?

If the migrants are more able, with 2 million migrants, do we now have 4 million high paying jobs  waiting for people?

Since many Singaporean business fail, is it therefore Singaporeans are inadequate, incompetent, doomed to fail.
So we need foreigners, more foreigners?

Solutions has been given, repeatedly reminded the 3rd Prime Minister on the importance to make Singapore efficient, expedient, in order to win world competitions.

They span from water, energy, housing, transport, city planning, arts, cultures.
They highlighted the do, the don't, the trend, the wrong turns.

They have been ignored.

Therefore, this is put to be blogged, to be recorded in history.

The wise and the foolish are both recorded in history.

By writing here, by getting all Singaporeans to act, including the suggested action for the 3rd PM.

We must ensure ALL of us, jointly do our best for Singapore to turn its back on this experiment, first and last social experiment that produce only tragedy. 
We must joint our best to rescue Singapore, preventing Singapore from becoming a laughing stock in human history. 

3rd PM, after ten years without cultivating a single credible successor.
Does staying longer he will help to solve the problem or he will
  1. weaken and divide our people
  2. weaken our institutions (including CPIB, public work) 
  3. broken the cultivation of successors...after many deemed successors, able officers  leaving
be the outcome, definite outcome ?

This generation of Singaporeans, those who are leaders, those who are led are both accountable.
After repeated warnings, repeatedly providing reasons and solutions to the 3rd Prime Minister.
After repeated, escalating public protests.
We will fail decisively, dramatically, theatrically, faster, uglier than the American Red Indians.

American Red Indian put on a brave fight, against European invaders, against plagues brought by ill disciplined sailors - Red Indian are called Barbaric.

Singaporeans, without invaders, without plague, without earthquake, without hurricane.
With heaven given forewarning, with citizens sincerely sounding alarm and providing solutions, yet we failed - we will be called idiotic.

This generation of Singaporeans, those who are leaders, those who are led are both accountable.
We are accountable for not growing strength.
Growing strength is for all ages of man, all economy.
Growing in strength is the only form of growth - benign growth.

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