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20130512 How Prof Yaccob must AND can Help PM Lee

20130512 How Prof Yaccob must AND can Help PM Lee

Our 3rd PM is a more sincere leader, therefore he is trying to do his best to this nation.
This is a simpler tasked than 1965, we are educated, disciplined and open minded.

With a strong team, our 1st PM was able to recover quietly, and stand strong in front of our people, facing a unfriendly, even hostile Prime Minister of Malaysia.

However, with a weak team, not only there is no clear direction for development, there is a lost of ability to speak correctly, speaking without seen to be stupid.

It is therefore the whole team that make or smash this 3rd Prime Minister.

Recently, we had endless investigations, from whether a by election need to be held, whether town council is a political entity.... if these can happen, whether investigation has been wisely done, we know how strong is the team our 3rd PM has!

Now with Prof Yaccob, a Civil Engineer in charge of Muslim Affair was heard to be unable to sit down and talk with fellow Muslim, not illiterate Muslim, but the leaders of Muslim Professionals. Not sitting down and talk, but by making a phone call to convey his thinking, ideas, or suggestion, decision.

News paper reported the receiving end almost tears during his interview - making a man tears on matter of the community, it must really hurt very deep in his heart, it must have impact to this precious community.

I just wonder how this Prof feel?
Has he have feeling for the Chief of AMP?

Muslim are very communal, they have communal practices: It is well guided, that when there is issues, the elder sit down with others to listen, to resolve. From the limited information, i cannot be sure if Prof actually listen, even over the phone.

This is also making our 3rd Prime Minister appear badly, when PM Lee just had a hard time on population white paper, where his father, our great Founder did not take that effort to vote, to support this most important paper - paper that decide the survival of this nation.

3rd Prime Minister in his closing speech, wanted Singaporeans to embrace migrants. He used the word "海纳百川,有容乃大“

He has so much confident that this tiny island can be an ocean that can embrace the vast population of the world.

However, this Prof of Civil Engineering, could not even allow fellow Muslim to speak in a forum, not organized by his own party. Without even telling which content of his speech is not allowed, is inappropriate, why is it inappropriate. We often heard of OB marker in Singapore, was the OB marker crossed, or merely a platform not belong to the governing party is already forbidden ?

This really tell 3rd PM that he has not just a weak team, a weak team who cannot resolve problems, a weak team that make a small matter into a ice berg, that will sink this party.

I come, with knowledge of how Prof is like.
When i first detected the problem of our water way in 2005, i immediately inform him, providing him solutions that can resolve our problem away from public glare. He employ a foreign company to implement one of them, with poor outcome. Foreigners did not consider tidal effect in our rivers. Rubbish were trapped outside, backside, except inside of a stainless steel rubbish cage.
I have to offer him sketches to make Foreign Talent look better.

This is worse outcome than those done by Indonesian street boys, under my guidance, completely installed within 3 hours, immediately after my arrival and explanation.
Prof of Engineering surely set Singapore behind our neighbor' s street boys, after paying handsome for world experts. The street boys express appreciation, the filter collected the rubbish at the river banks and drip dry.

Prof can embargo good ideas, good ideas provided out of good heart of helping our 3rd Prime Minister.
He invited floods, ceaseless flood, flood that eventually affected underground subway.
All has been predicted in writing and informed our 3rd PM.

He happily hand over this hot potatoes to Dr Vivian Bala, an eye surgeon.
Not surprising, Vivian has good sight, within months, it is reported by world expert consultant that we have lost the topographical information of the island.
Without topographical information, everyone know this will result in poor, if not costly yet faulty drainage design.
In his tenure, how much money were poured into our waterway?
How much of flood he mitigated?

I come not to vent my anger, i have no anger, but feeling of my responsibility for this 3rd PM and this nation.
I have been providing foresight & insight, analysis & solutions.
I help our government, because it is shameful for this highly educated, highly discipline people to experience such repetition of failures, failures that is simple, small & solvable.

For it is not Prof that fail, but also resulting in 3rd PM to fail, that train caught fire, due to wet power cable.
This is life of a few thousands. This is also forewarned in writing, this time published writing.
20120424 How to Prepare for what is Coming already written

With such small, focused, quantifiable engineering problem Engineering Prof cannot resolve?
Can he resolve issues about the intangible, feeling of his community, of millions people ?

I have to bring to the attention of our Prime Minister.

Gen Prabowo came to town, and gave a speech Chaired by RSIS Barry Desker, attended by Dean Kishore of LKY SPP.
Gen Prabowo stated many needle sharp incidents, hinting how well he knows Singapore.
He stated a village near to his home, a village of almost all Muslim. They recently elected a Catholic lady as their representative. He said, this Catholic lady serve the community with her full heart, she would drive villagers to the hospital, even in the middle of the night.

He is telling us Muslim are open minded people. They can feel and show respect for kind person, kind heart, kind deeds, even there is religious, culture differences.
Is he hinting at our GRC?

Our Prof in charge of Muslim affair cannot even match a kampong chief  in our neighbors.
May i suggest Prof ponder, and recommend a  person, muslim or non-muslim who really feel for Muslim to succeed him.

This is not about flood of water.
This is about flood of anger of the millions.

Our weakness is stark naked in our neighbors' eyes.
Our people are clearly not respected, cherished, nourished by some leaders...
Our leaders are not trying to bring our people with them, but rejecting us, we...
We.... They reject

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