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20130628 Haze - Fundamental Resolution is Profitable Solution

Haze - Fundamental Resolution is Profitable Solution

Lim Swee Keng, Solvere
Engineer, Inventor with Philosophical Depth
Founder and Chief Solver
CtS Cognoscere tenus Solvere


Haze is an economic problem, not a political problem. 
How to develop economy while improving the environment is possible. Here may i provide the solutions.

An invention that can burn farm waste clean and completely, we will obtain heat, energy economically to produce timber, charcoal, activated carbon for premium market

An invention of creatively design housing, we use lighter material to obtain better functional housing, with pleasing aesthetics, easily configured for elegant function. These material can be from agro-fibre, fibre otherwise dumped as waste.

These inventions are patented for the world to help improve life of people, prosper the economy.
There are numerous cautions to application, limitless frontier, please consult inventor.
Several unguided applications sowed dangers.

Acknowledgement & Comments

Solvere wish to express appreciation for a foresighted insightful advice given by then President of Singapore, HE Sellapan Ramanathan at our closed discussion at the Istana on 2007 01 22. 

It was on my second book <II Cognose - Recover the Lost Key to Infinite Wisdom>,

It included written prediction of the economic crisis, root causes, direction and solutions for the world to progress peacefully forward.

Recently, essence of the advice received permission to release to serve the world good.

.. You need to apply your comprehensive wisdom overseas, to countries with also agriculture, so world can profit from your work....

HE Sellapan Ramanathan 2007 01 22

Solutions latter concised into <IV Post Industrialization DynamosSolvere & Dr Li Zhong Qi, Autumn 2009, ISBN 9810 833558

..the international community is facing a very severe scenario...

Your comprehensive vision provides a number of relevant information for the decision that the leaders will have to make...
HE Juan C Capunay 20080516
Director, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Secretariat

1.  ASEAN Great Neighbourhood

Asean is a great neighborhood. 

When there is haze, Brunei, who is not a victim, led a discussion among the nations to seek solutions.

When there is a likely internal crisis for 2013 General Election, a senior politician of Indonesia went to Malaysia to encourage, facilitate, arrange peace.

When Dr Mahathir (at a dinner arranged by a world consultant on 2009 10) expressed frustration of Singapore delayed development for Iskandar, I humbly explained to him that world manufacturing is facing a stagnation. 

Malaysia has to recognize she is blessed to be in tropical rain forest climate. She needs to develop technologies, to convert farm waste to become material for construction. As construction will be a key driver of world economy.

In ASEAN, we do not exploit on others weaker moment, most of us do not talk down on our neighbors.

When there is a crisis, there will be someone who stand out to mitigate.

Where else do we see this, Turkey, Syria?

It is now, we can advance from this great foundation, to explore technologies, develop market for our produce, including those currently dumped away, burnt away as unwanted.

Combining ASEAN strength, we are the lead producers of many commodities in the world. 

We have the economy of scale for developing new usage, inventing machineries and  technologies for the commodities, as well as the accompanied farm waste, which are more, much bigger.

2. Agriculture is not a Clean Industry

Farming is as polluting as Manufacturing.
From farming, what we can eat, what we can use is very small compare to what is dumped away.
  1. 2008, China produce 700 MTon of straws and 10 MTon of Rice Husk (
  2. For palms,  to extract a few litres of oil, we dumped away much more solid ... 
  3. Every milk cow daily consumed buckets and buckets of clean water and discharge about 20Kg of cow dungs and more of urine. From my humble ground observation, may be the killer of fishes in the rivers in Java.
This has not included the clearing up of land before production commences, supply of fertilizer and feed, clearing up of farm waste after the tree aged, the cows died and much heard about out gassing of living cows.... 

Anything human wants, cost the environment dearly.

It is wisdom, sometime exceptional wisdom, that bring about solutions, effective solutions . 
Clean and profitable eventually these solutions must be to be accepted as solutions.
This can only be achieved by respecting, cherishing, utilizing every bit of mother earth blessing. 

3.  Indonesia - Great Nation, Opportune Time

Indonesia was a great nation, 

It led the world developing nations in the fifties.
There is no hurdle to deny Indonesia from becoming a great nation again.

We need to look at bigger picture.

If we look at bigger picture, assisting Indonesia to be a great nation again......if we aim at this bigger picture with solutions,  i do not see a small problem, jungle fire, haze by jungle fire cannot be resolved.

Today, manufacturing is gradually becoming less profitable !

This is after immense brains, labor and capital of China poured into manufacturing, manufacture for the whole world, manufacturing at a price difficult for other nations to compete.
It is therefore commodities production returns as a preferred choice. 

This is discussed by HE  Alfredo Toro Hardy's recently launched book <The World Turned Upside Down> (launched on 2013 06 14, ISBN 9814452564). HE Hardy is the Ambassador of Venezuela to Singapore.

4. Can World Stop Indonesia's Farming

Now, what Indonesia is doing, is clearing tropical rain forest for profitable plantation. 

She is merely repeating what India, Malaysia (and many former colonies) have been doing, have been serving the world, through World War I, War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, by supplying Opium, Rubber, latter Palm Oil.

No one, especially developed nations, can deny Indonesia from repeating what colonies have been serving the industrialized, since Europeans set sails from their far away continent, tiny European continent. 

5. Can Haze be Resolved

Years ago, i alerted Environmental Minister of Singapore and met up with the officers. I examined various satellite photos. Examining fire damage pattern, I am confident these fires are set up by man.

I then shared, together with solutions, with the Singapore's Environment Minister, Dr of Civil Engineering, Prof Yaccob.

As one exposed to the crafts of laws, i disageed with him that solutions can be by enforcing law over our neighbor, even by our neighbor internally (just like enforcing law over internet of the world, that he now think he can).

Solutions, to the uninitiated, are by law, by complaining.

Solution, to any able person, is to find solutions, simple, elegant, profitable solutions.

6. Some usage of the over-used Law

Singapore Foreign Minister, a great litigator by profession, is right, show me who are the Singapore corporate that set the fire?

No one deserves to sit comfortably in those corporate seats if he can be caught related to fire in the jungle!
Law is not constructive in solving the fire, haze.

However, Law can be used effectively, immediately to stop the fire, to empower the government.

Concession of land for plantation can be revoked if there is fire set by heaven (Force Majeur...), Not only no man is honest enough to admit he set off the fire.

It is also that if the land caught fire, no one has the resources to fight the fire except the government.
So the government is the one who deserve to have the land, an act of heaven to bring the land back from those who cannot protect the land from fire.

The land is then released again to the next investor, released repeatedly, until the investors stop setting fire or run out of money.

When the fire is set up by greed of man. This is the best way government can control the fire by law, effectively, expediently, economically.

Certainly, we cannot ignore there is possibility fire is set by competitors, angry employees, even government officers...
Then government do not need to work too hard, the victim will do their best to help you to nail down the arson, the person behind the arson, the corporate behind the person, the persons who direct the corporate.......

After being trained in law, i know if we face the nature of man courageously, we can avoid many problems.

The whole matter of haze, haze from jungle fire, is about growing Indonesia economy.
But solving problems, creating wealth, progressing nation, we cannot count on law.
We cannot use law to prosper Indonesian economy !

If we do not solve at motivation forces, we are coward, we do not deserve to succeed, we do not deserve to be leader.

Though human has insatiable greed; Governments need to quantify the profits, real profit, realizable profit so that everyone is aware the profit is not so big, then solutions can be most appropriate, expedient, while not overbearing.

It is government, only government can have more independent view, more holistic view, more cold headed decision making.

7. Marginal Returns from Contemporary Economic Crops

My father was a rubber plantation owner, he witnessed immense labors needed, before sun rise daily, to  tap rubber, marginal profit, worrisome price fluctuation, excessive supply after Korean War, Vietnam war ended.

He cleared up the rubber trees and became a palm oil producer. 
That was in a big state of Johor, on a smaller peninsula Malaysia.

With capital, buying technologies and machines, we can over invest, over produce, even in a matured market.
When bigger land mass Sumatra go for palm oil production, are there likely to have market awaiting, big, much bigger, ten times, hundred times, thousand times the size of market waiting? 

Java is a smaller island compare to Sumatra. When i was driven from Bandung to Jakarta, the immense Palm plantation just worries me. They are still young trees, when they reach their prime production period, would Palm oil fetch good prices?

This is now, when manufacturing saturated, when economy stagnated, this is now.

But in the next few years, when the trees, immense number of trees matured in the next few years, when manufacturing no longer growing rapidly, who needs more palm oil, who need to down more jungle to plant more palm trees?

Learning from my father generation is not enough. He witnessed tremendous growth of population and consumption. But now, anyone who said they need so many more trees in ten years time,  without giving a major new market, develop new usage of the trees, you should just sell your trees to them and walk away from them and enjoy peaceful retirement.

Discovering new usage we must.

The upside is much bigger than expanding plantation.
We may produce more profit than burning more jungle, planting more trees.

8. Eco-Pyramid - New Perspective, Fundamental Breakthrough

Nature, we cannot force-fit nature to our need.
However, we can, we must understand and use what nature provide us to the fullest.
What we use today is a small tip of a huge Pyramid nature provided us.

We must use, fully use the produce from our land, agriculture, mineral...
1. The best for our food.
2. Next for animal and industrial feed stocks.
3. Next for external usage, e.g. printing, packaging, construction...
4. Only the dead, wormed, plagued, dead, polluted be burnt for energy.

We will be using the roots to the seeds of the plants, all plants. 
From hair to marrow of the animals, living to dead animals we find uses.
We must also find second use, third use of every used material.

2006 10 31 this was shared with China Power Chief, Li Xiao Lin.

2007 China enacted law prohibit food for energy.
2009 China harvested thorns from desert.

2009 01 22 shared with MIT President Energy Team, they then realized and immediately concurred 

  1. Bio-ethanol is not a Carbon Neutral Solutions
  2. Hydrogen, the lightest will escape to outer space, leave behind less water, more oxygen. If we proliferate the use hydrogen, we will turn mother earth to lifeless, red rusty Mars.
With this understanding, opening our heart, we really can extract more wealth from the immense nature, even from the same piece of land, same investment.

This is the only way to resolve rural poverty.

This is faster, better, bigger profit than burning down more jungle.

This will open up higher pay jobs for the market flooded with university-graduates.

I met more Indonesian PhD in any meeting in Bandung than in major meetings in Singapore, noticeably they are mostly foreigners.
Singapore soon falling behind her neighbors.

9. Two Key Inventions to Energize Eco-Pyramid
9.1 Energy for Processing

In all human activities, we need energy.

To convert farm waste, secondary woods from falling trees, we need energy, heat.
Contemporary combustion technologies has existed for thousand years, flame run away from the feed stock. 
It is impossible to use the flame to dry, preheat, ignite, burn, sustain burning of complex feed stock.

2008 an invention was shared with China for handling post Sze Chuan earthquake carcasses. The officers were expert in combustion, propulsion, they were shocked on how simple to achieve clean and complete combustion. C3 (trade mark).

2012 this was shared with the Mayor of  Kanton Desa Suntenjaya, north of Bandung. This is to treat immense cow dung he is facing. Indonesians around him immediately prepared throughout the night a letter to Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore Environmental Minister to support. It came with English translation !

Solvere has been pursuing with Dr Bala and Mr Andrew Tan Chief of NEA for months. 

Who will solve real problems is quite evident.

As Prime Minister Lee said, to move forward, we must spare no effort.

We must spare some effort in talking, but must joint our best effort to provide solutions.
Singaporeans, Indonesians, Foreigners do according to the merits, not the foreigness.

By burning clean and completely, we obtain heat, energy conveniently, economically.

With cheap energy, we can 

  1. Produce timber, charcoal, activated carbon for premium market
  2. By applying this invention to clear the land, especially peat land, you collecting income, profit...

In all future land concession grant, a stage of land clearing must be included.

9.2 Construction Materials

JFK in his inaugural speech said:
"If a free society cannot help the many who are poor
it cannot save the few who are rich"

My PhD Student Li Zhong Qi finds JFK argument is double negative and do not provide solutions. She said:

By creating better jobs for more, Richest Richer
By Housing all, the rich and powerful secure peace for themselves

Housing is one that help to bring stability to a society, following is riots in Manila Slump.
Anyone who wants to have good workers, work properly, good housing is a must.

2006 6 05 18, a paper was hand delivered to HE Lee Kuan Yew <The World has lost direction, reasons and solution here in...

In <The World...>, pointing out construction is one key driver for post-industrialization economy.
It detailed how current building designs are flawed.

Indonesians are more aware than others, that during earth quake:
  1. More people are killed by bricks and walls than earth quake itself.
  2. Heavy debris hinder rescue, evacuation, reconstruction.
The following is 1937 Pakistan 7.5 Ritcher Scale Earth Quake, 35,000 people died.

Looking at various functions of buildings that are poorly served by current mindset is below.
This is Hong Kong, it exist all over the world.

An invention thought to be impossible was patent filed.
The impossible but desired are:

  1. Fully conceal the unsightly fully
  2. insulate against harsh weather, noise and pollution,
  3. while expand exposure to harness scenery, wind, sun,..

All the famed architects think concealment and exposure are mutually exclusive.
However, by deeper insight, we know it is possible.
It is possible because sun come from heaven, while we are earth bounded to certain height.
The following is the solution.

With this design, building, even demanding residential buildings (due to complex requirements for diverse functions) can be sleek, elegant by application of light weight, panels, as facade, partitions....

Other than beams and columns, all the wall are not subjected to heavy loads.
This opens immense market for application of agro-waste etc.

Do not apply this invention without consulting the inventor, there are many deeper considerations needed for safety, fire, resist against rotting.

Why this warning is issued, is because this invention was shared with Singapore National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan. 

20110419 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology20110419 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology

An agro-fibre floor was publicly announced.
  1. Is floor not subjected to load, heavy load?
  2. Will agro-fibre decay, if they are not of premium quality wood ? [1980s a lot of research were done on ferro-forcement...]
  3. How Minister ensure the strength as building aged?
10. Conclusion

Over the last weeks, we happily see the emergency of ASEAN friendship, friendship ready to solve a problem long known.

This inventor have been sharing these input with the sitting Prime Minister of Singapore since 2001, when floods, haze, world crisis start to form.

This inventor have confident that he can provide solutions, solutions fundamental to resolve these crises. 

However, it needs great leader, who look beyond his office, his party, who look from national, world perspective to capitalize on these input.

These are part of solutions that extract the infinite forces, wealth from the immense nature.

Just by making self-assembled furniture already made Ikea one of richest family.
By building configurable housing from bio-waste will not make one of richest man !

There is no reason why Indonesia cannot be a great nation again.
There is no reason why the first trillionaire cannot be an Indonesian?

As what HE S R Nathan said:

.. You need to apply your comprehensive wisdom overseas, to countries with also agriculture, so world can profit from your work....
HE Sellapan Ramanathan 2007 01 22

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