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20131224 Saving Singapore - Invoice 2 LTA

20131224 Saving Singapore - Invoice 2 LTA

Dear Mr Chew
cc Minister Transport, Home Affair, National Development, Finance
cc Dr John Keung, CEO, BCA;  AC Christopher Tan Head FSC

Followings are what was cognized 8 days before injuries happened on 2013 12 23 Monday at the exact location alerted.


20131215 Sunday, about 1110 hours at Orchard Station, Tang exit. The tunnel and the escalator landing.

I heard screaming when i took the escalator up, because there are steps immediately at escalator landing, the faster speed escalator feeding people faster than they can step down the stairs.

i informed the Volunteer Patrol about the danger of stampeding.
i recommended them to 
1. immediately inform their superior and informed them i will check with Commissioner of Police and Home Affair Minister how fast, accurate they reported back.
2. Convert the stairs to a gradual ramp of no shorter than 5 meter for all congested escalator landing island wide.
3. More details on converging/diverging feed need personal guidance on site.
4. These must be done immediately.
5. These are stopped gap measure while DPM Teo Chee Hean promise of better planning for migrant must take place immediately.

Steps are mostly unnecessary, they must be removed, as seen in Toa Payoh Central and Bona Vista Bus Station.

Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng said at Orchard Hotel 2013 07 09. He said, Malaysian Government is different from Singaporean Government. Malaysian govern is aware of the faults, while Singaporean's government is still in denial state.

Below is the immense effort invested in building a tunnel to lead Singaporeans to Sentosa Casinos.

While Malaysian government invested tree top walkway for more than kilo-meter for pedestrians to walk to Twin Tower, linking many buildings along the way.

This is the tree top walk i proposed to MM Lee Kuan Yew in 2006 05 18 as a small component of city planning, cluster of cities planning, as Dotted G. That will expand comfortable walk beyond 500m and removed traffic light to attain uninterrupted vehicular flow in most part of cities.

Lee later announced a project Global Dot Sg without follow up.

Why, may we ask how come it takes more than decades to expand the pedestrian tunnels in Orchard Station?
While we took immediate urgency to build vehicle tunnels to Casinos in Sentosa?
Do our Prime Minister choose the right priority?


  1. From: feedback@lta.gov.sg
    Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 9:01 PM
    To: sweekeng
    Subject: RE:FW: 20131224 Project Save Singapore - Invoice 2 LTA-Feedback Number : 20131227-0194

    Our Ref: LTA/QSMO/SQSS/SQ/F20.000.000/56270
    Date : 14-Jan-2014
    Tel : 6299 7185
    Fax : 63961192

    Dear Mr Lim:
    FW: 20131224 Project Save Singapore - Invoice 2 LTA
    FEEDBACK NUMBER: 20131227-0194
    We acknowledge receipt of your letter of 25 December 2013 addressed to the LTA Chief Executive Mr Chew Hock Yong. LTA has no record of any outstanding invoices. Thank you and with this we conclude correspondence on this matter.
    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely

    Ong Shu Qi (Ms)
    Assistant Manager
    Service Quality Division

    *We invite you to share your views on land transport related issues with us at http://talk2lta.lta.gov.sg. Now, you can also send us your feedback via SMS at "77LTA" (77582).

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  3. From: Solvere Lim
    Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 10:54 AM
    To: 'feedback@lta.gov.sg'
    Cc: Lui Tuck Yew
    Subject: 20131224 Project Save Singapore - Invoice 2 LTA-Feedback Number : 20131227-0194

    Dear Ms Ong

    The key issue is have you learnt and improve?
    Have you done your best to improve vehicular and human traffic, protect property and life?

    Cheow Tong would have responded personally within hours on a Sunday evening, and sent his man to contact me on Monday Morning, visit the site on Monday afternoon, discussed with me and implemented the next day of a seemingly impossible situation, after a likely fatal junction was introduced. The officers were proactive, learning, and very competent. However, many fundamentals of traffic flow, human behavior, safety during such modification were provided by me.
    Siang Keat sent a whole team met up with me, and understood what a proper signaling, signage has to be designed after the KPE sent a Traffic Police standing in harms way. A letter of thank you i received. Siang Keat congratulate his man, after I mentioned to him, at LKY SPP, how keen and devoted are LTA officers. How a bottle neck of Rochor to ECP(West) can be mitigated, was understood, however, because of MCE, they did not implement.

    HE Lee Kuan Yew has not acknowledged by words, but by action. Immediately when MCE is known to me, I informed him the bottle neck is not on Shears Bridge, but on Keppel viaduct, what is the contract at this very moment carry out on Keppel Viaduct?

    Clearly, none of the learning process has been documented, every errors are repeating itself.
    Pedestrian passages, flow & signal design, city planning rely a lot on experience.

    I come, by cognizing before happening, solving at motivation forces.
    However, if officers only look for invoice to be printed and post registered to you, then you are not awaken after happening, repeated happenings.
    So you are sending not just police cars, but ambulances to be burnt up?
    Our citizen to be beaten up a few days later.

    There were riots, all the time in history.
    Burning civilian cars, there are many.
    Burning police cars are less, more severe.
    Burning ambulances, were rare.
    There were riots, were they by construction workers or precision manufacturing technicians?
    And you, LTA, is one of the main organs that hand out projects for constructions.

    As a Navy Commander, just like Chee Hean, you know by constructing more bunk beds, alleys in the ship, do not improve your productivity, gain income.
    It instead burden your ship, demand you water, food….and rules and order….

    I come, again, I stated clearly, cognize before happening.
    Again, I state, I come not for fame nor power, just want your Minister to be a successful Transport Minister, living without regret that the nation failed because of him, life lost, man injured because of him.

    I thank you Ms Ong, by your writing, you acknowledge the receipt of the Invoice, since you received the email.
    Ah Mee would have been more on the ball.

    I come to deliver this nation from unforced, ugly self-destruction.

    Solvere Lim Swee Keng
    SM(MIT) MBA(Law)
    Engineer, Inventor, Philosopher

    CtS Cognoscere Tenus Solvere