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20140106 Two Keys to Save Singapore

20140106 Two Keys to Save Singapore
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This is the first working Monday of 2014. 
I voiced only on issues that i can provide solutions.

Singapore never appear so clear. 
Colin Gan Cheong Kiat [1], a Singaporean sent from Bandung the following. 

To me a leader is someone who makes those around him better. 
If you look around you, and you're not making people's lives or work easier, better, or higher in quality then you're not leading. 
This is quoted by Ruben Emir Gnanalingam, 
Chief Executive Officer,37 yrars old Westports Malaysia. dated 18/10/2013 to 24/10/2013 full speed ahead 

Do our leaders need a young man from our less developed neighbour to tell us what is leadership?
Do we need further justification we need to save Singapore?
Singapore never appear so clear. 

To save Singapore we just need two keys.

ONE: Shoulder the Responsibility 

Our Great Founder spoke on our significant investment for growth, Biotech :
"This issue has been deliberated over a period of several months in Cabinet and decided by PM Goh and cabinet. 
The policy has been continued by PM Lee and his cabinet.  We have made significant investments in time and resources. 
We have to get the most out of what we have put in."
Chen Huifen (15 March 2007). "Singapore to push ahead with Biomed".Business Times.

We cannot expect the Great Founder to champion the corrective action at age 86.
We cannot pin our hope at Mr Goh Chok Tong, since he did not come out to defend his decision nor did he come out to provide a way to "get the most out of what we have put in!"

Did we see our PM shoulder the corrective action?
Did we see our PM remember our Great Founder's command?
A nation succeed because leader courageously shoulder the responsibility.

This was after i informed our Great Founder the limited upside of biotech and recommended him  to move Philip Yeo to create jobs.
Soon Yeo was moved from AStar (in charged of national R&D)  to Spring (in charge of Standards and Productivity.) 

Springa second fiddle to EDB.
Singapore's great success was attributed to EDB
EDB develop capabilities, not merely improve productivity.
Only by developing capabilities can economy grow healthily. 
Any growth without improving strengths and capabilities can the best be just unsightly benign growth, worse fatal malignant growth. 

Can Philip Yeo perform the most critical task in his career, the most important challenge of Singapore at Spring?

Facts speak louder, picture of facts are being built.
Mr Devan Nair spoke it in words, words cast into metal, sticking on stones, hanging high on a building.

palely said Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability.

We fall from Development, to Productivity, to merely Employment !
We come to a state of pitifully justifying our highly educated, better disciplined Singaporean are employable?

Why even the most dynamic, self-driven public servant fail to turn the tide, fail to save Singapore, basically because we miss the second key:

TWO - Seek and Respect Wisdom

Many may conclude today that without Dr Goh Keng Swee we may not achieve our rapid success, great success. 

Dr Goh is an economist, just like Mr Goh Chok Tong. The most celebrated trait of Dr Goh is he ceaselessly questioning every thing, curiously seeking answers. Improving in wisdom is he, rapidly developing is our capabilities, that propel our economy. 

If Mr Goh seek to the bottom of issues, solve important problems when first bud like a mustard seed, Singapore will maintain that lead, and always ahead of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

If Philip Yeo, for that matter, every Ministers, Officers curiously asked what can we do better, more efficiently for something the world need, then our export economy will prosper.

However, if you point finger to others, keep your shoulder away from responsibilities, shut yourself down to only utter what you know, what you love, what you like to do, then even you invest monies in trillion, you organize dialogues in mega scales, control media in international arena, you missed big opportunity for success, great success, so great a success that Singapore actually can become the world model for city planning, cluster of cities planning, building design, self-cleansing waterway which has been detailed in a submission hand delivered to Lee Kuan Yew on 2006 05 18.

Today, we may say manufacturing is no longer the driving force, no longer the dominant employer.
But how to run a system efficiently, expediently is the forte of manufacturing engineers.
Their expertise in packing more into even tighter space with enough breathing space, putting what you need closer to where you are, run faster without choke point can be applied to job creation closer to home, city planning, road transport, waterway.

Lee ignored the most important part of the input, and just spring Yeo to create jobs

Ignore what are critical for a city to tick efficiently.

Import what can cause a city to fundamentally melt down .
Failed to conceive what can become our world class export.

Then waterway choked, dengue and floods never end, never end.
Traffic jammed, COE, ERP, Tunnels more, never solve, never solve.

Cost of constructing housing, land and material cost rise, rise, never end, never end.
Then adding more people, to collect more foreigner levy, collect, more, more, more,,,, 
Then cost of housing, rent, transport, water, energy, labours make our businesses cannot compete, cannot survive, die, so they die.

China do not need me to go to their top leaders. By sharing at UNUF@Nanjing and Regional Conference@Fuzhou, China applies what were conceived, shared, and congratulation was send to PM Lee on how Singaporean's solutions for cities, cluster of cities can have higher density, uninterrupted traffic flow are made into China's project .... (Page 4 - 7

Since no one seemed to be preparing 4th Generation Ministers Foo, Gan, Lee, Lui, Shanmugam, Vivian to be Prime Minister.
One generation is already lost.

What i shared here are what will make or break our 5th generation Ministers, prosper or destroy this nation.

Once we start to seek and respect wisdom, problems become solvable, solution become affordable, Singapore become very very efficient, businesses become competitive in the world again.
Then shouldering the responsibility all of us can !
Singapore can then be saved from dramatic, unforced self-destruction.
What is good for the Singaporean people, will be equally applicable to the world !
World Media will rush to interview and promote our PM, Ministers, Secretaries.
These will be what the world media loves to talk about Singapore.

A leader is someone who makes those around him better.
Leaders of all professions, communities are to create success, reduce sufferings.

Happy New Year is not a wishful wishes.
It is a commitment to shoulder, to excel - overcome and be happy are then possible!

[1] Graduated from United Kingdom, Australia, the United States

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