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20140309 Biggest Tragedy - Lost Pride as a Person

20140309 Biggest Tragedy - Lost Pride as a Person

In Parliament, Ms Josephine said about Temasek and GIC investment, about the risk they take.
But Josephine failed to see the big risk.

Dear Josephine

What you are talking is number, is about money, money can be earned, can be lost, so money is trivial.
The biggest risk of PAP, Temasek, Singaporeans, Singapore is the lost of the most basic, the most valuable - lost of pride as a person.

How can a lady, highly qualified Engineer, helming Temasek since 2001 for 13 years.
1. Not only she did not mentor a successor she is confident and proud to hand over to.
2. She is not promoted to Chair Temasek, but
3. Reporting to a new Chairman, who has no proven record for global fund management.
4. A unqualified person compare to the Spouse of the Prime Minister
5. Who is a brilliant Stanford University Engineering Graduate,
7. a 13 years experienced investor.
8. A unqualified Chaired over the super qualified?

Did the outgoing Temasek Chairman Dhana commented on this New Chairman,a 67 year old Lim Boon Heng "A Quick Leaner".
If so, is Prime Minister Commanding a 67 year old rookie to go to learn on the job for investing nation's reserve and Chair over his wife?

The meritocracy of Singapore failed.
Meritocracy even failed to apply to the spouse of the Prime Minister.
This is the biggest risk not just for Temasek Holding, but for the government, the nation, the future generations of Singapore.

Because not only the succession, the cultivation of future generation we did not do.
Even the most able of this very generations has been wipe out, totally wiped out.
Singapore as a nation, Singaporeans as citizen are fundamentally uprooted.

The Prime Minister has lost pride as a person of who he is, what he is capable of doing, capable of constructing Singapore as a better nation.
What his more qualified spouse is capable of is also ignored, is also disrespected.

If the most trusted, highly qualified person is not fully developed, is bypassed from promotion... which Singaporeans could not be eliminated from being employed, cultivated, promoted?
Is this why 3PM Lee affirmed that only foreigners are the source of our growth?
Temasek as the biggest fund manager cannot create jobs for bankers?

When a person lost pride of who he is, this is the biggest tragedy of that person.
If this person is the Prime Minister, tragedy for the nation, for the people is NOT set?

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