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20160616 Disciplined and Commitment - Fundamentals for Sustaining Singapore's Success

20160616 Disciplined and Committed - Fundamentals for Sustaining Singapore's Success (note 1)

If we go through our recent recorded history, if there is anyone who tried his best to assist Mr Lee Hsien Loong to be a successful Prime Minister, i do not think i will be counted beyond the top five persons. (note 2)

This writing becomes necessary, even as Police Officers have recently stopped addressing us as Clients.

This writing becomes necessary, because recently it was reported that ministries of National Development and Transport said in Parliament that parking prices would go up, to bring Singapore's rates in line with those of other global cities.
 2016 06 23

Our economic growth is fallen behind our population expansion. 
Population expansion through importing headcount, talented or otherwise. 
In order words, the more we imported, the slower we grow per headcount. 

We have now invented a new reason for adding cost to our business operation.... prices would go up to bring Singapore's rate in line with those of other global cities. 

In view of this new logic of governance, any positive change, we must notice, register, recognize and show appreciation. 

This writing is for the reinstating of the statutory requirements for displaying the lift inspection certification, as reported on 2016 06 16. 

This blog is written to register highest respect and admiration, together with deepest appreciation to board members of Building and Construction Authority,  especially Mr LEE Fook Sun, Board Chairman and Dr John KEUNG Kam Yin, Chief Executive Office (note 4)

We were facing severe challenges of repeated, escalated, wide spreading setbacks.

Setbacks from trains failures, lift's failures; even our flag carrier, SIA, aircraft caught fire. (note 4). 
This happened while two important and most promising ministers' fell seriously ill(note 5).

However, with disciplined and committed Singaporeans working together, even we have limitations, even the challenges are severe, severely challenging our abilities, even they happened beyond all of our anticipations, we shall overcome one by one.

Minister Heng Swee Keat miraculous, quick recovery is one important example of great disciplined and committed work by team of doctors and nurses, AND heavenly grace

Some setbacks may be hard to anticipate (sicknesses), while some are caused by multiple causes(train failures).

Lift failures, repeated, proliferated lift failures are not.
It is merely due to the lack of regular disciplined and committed maintenance by qualified persons.

Lift is such an important machine that not only it requires proper AND regular maintenance.
It had a statutory requirement for each and every lift to display the certificate of fit for operations.
This certificate must also clearly state expiry date of this certification.

It is a tradition, it is a heritage.
It is a tradition and heritage to secure our basic and fundamental safety.
1857, on March 23, first elevator for passenger was installed in New York City with an important safety device. (note 6)
2005, on April 1, this statutory requirement for the safety of the human lives, was waived.
Noting that it coincide with the beginning of the first Fiscal year under Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
2016, eleven years down the road, we know this waiver needs to be nullified, must be nullified.
It requires great courage and commitment to nullify this waiver.

May we together register highest respect and admiration, together with deepest of appreciation to board members of Building and Construction Authority, especially Mr LEE Fook Sun, Board Chairman and Dr John KEUNG Kam Yin, Chief Executive Office for doing what is needed, fundamentally needed, since lift was first invented and certified for use.

I am writing this blog, is also to urge everyone, including Institute of Engineers, EDB(note 7), Spring, ITE, Polytechnics, Universities to provide all the necessary support, expertise, training to support, ensure, make smooth this reinstatement. These are higher value jobs, really urgently needed.

I am also writing this blog to register the important role SISIR played in our safety, standards and testing. 

Without a state operated standard and testing agency, i am informed by a world leading certifying laboratory, who are operating commercially all over the world. I was told that their testing and services no longer based on the cost of performing the test and certifications, but the commercial values and market size of the sample tested.

Disciplined and Commitment is the fundamentals to sustain Singapore success.

Writing this blog is also to prevent exploitation of this reinstatement of Lift inspection certificate.
We can expect but we shall not allow the upward adjustment of town council's maintenance fees of public, private, industrial, commercial properties. 

Stand in front of us, this waiver did not improve the safety nor even reliability of the lifts.

We have to question did the waiver resulted in reduced cost of maintenance services, did they reduce tariff paid by all of us at all?

An important statutory requirement for human safety was waived with no visible reasons nor benefit!
We took this long 11 years to make ourselves realized what is obviously wrong.

Do we achieve any benefits by going away from the proven methods of HDB run town council?

Is it not time to thoroughly examine why we abandon what was carefully established by our founders, established with steel discipline and full-hearted commitment that brought about a strong and competitive Singapore?

This is also in views of 20160623 report that just two months after the ministries of National Development and Transport said in Parliament that parking prices would go up, to bring Singapore's rates in line with those of other global cities.

Is bringing rate in line with those of other global cities a basis for making any decision?
We have waived a century long statutory requirement so swiftly.
It took us eleven years to realize this mistake and reinstated the requirement.

Do we still boldly move forward what is quietly made, made without steel discipline nor full hearted commitment?

Are lowering requirements, rising Singapore cost of business operations, especially transportation, labor, rental THE ROOT CAUSES of Singapore economic stagnation, retardation, degradation?

This writing becomes necessary, even as Police Officers have recently stopped addressing us as Clients.

The origin of our depletion of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness started when Minister of Health asking Medical Officers to address patients as Clients.

Any wise person, even most vocal opposition leaders, would not want Singapore Prime Minister to fail, the effort to recover is too arduous, the pain too harsh,  the duration too long. 

Followings are three different versions of notices at three lifts managed by three different town councils. 
Only one specifically noticed the weakening of statutory requirements and specifically promised to maintain the lift maintenance despite the waiver of statutory requirements. 
One stated the waiver of statutory requirements
One just tell you to call this number, without lift number, block number, street name printed. 
Photo of lift at MND building was taken and specifically chosen not to be displayed here.

Note 1
May i suggest the certificate the street name, block number, lift number must be displayed together with the contact number, so that enough information can be given by victims trapped in the lift to emergency response team, especially when power failed.

Note 2
Key input to MND and Keppel Corporation on the Tianjin Eco city
1. The planning drawing must indicate the relative position of Ecocity relative Tianjin and Beijing
2. With this drawing, we know Ecocity is not on the high speed rail, cannot be resident hubs of Beijing residents
3. With 200k planned population as then announced, it is the size of Tampinese new town, do not need MRT AND LRT. Keppel Engineers thank Solvere for solving a big problem for them.
4. Recommended to connect and induce more traffic from around into the city, to facilitate more economic activitives to be conducted there.
4 Recommended to study what are key industry for this city. Mr Goh Chok Tong immediately flew to Tianjin to do this study. He recommended to do Banking and Finance. Immediately forewarned that Banking and Finance are oversized industries, in face of economic slow down. Did they eventually become key tenant of this city?

Not included in the Insight are recent events.
1. Minister MEWR and PUB Accepted Solvere alarm that Local Flood Experts' recommendation of raising Orchard Road did not increase the water discharge capacity. A 14 days warning was delivered. On the fifteen day, Storm water attacked undergrounds, including MRT, as forewarned.
2. Minister MEWR ccepted Solvere input to reject World Flood Experts' recommendation to make road porous, which will soften, weaken, destroy foundation of roads, causes sinking, pot holes, hollow out of roads. Costly repair and frequent interruption of traffic was avoided after rejected world flood experts' recommendation.

Note 3
2013 12 18 First alarm was sounded to BCA Chairmanm, CEO and Boardmembers, alarm was published when no action was taken.
2016 05 18 Wednesday 23:38 In view of fatal incidents provided strong enough evidence to BCA to act, a reminder is again issued.

Note 4
20160627 SIA Flight SQ368 a Boeing 777-300ER with 222 passengers and 19 crew on board had left Changi Airport for Milan, Italy, at around 0205hours. About an hour and 45 minutes into the flight, the pilots received an engine oil warning - possibly indicating an oil leak and decided to turn back and touched down at Changi airport around 0650hours. Runway 2 was off-limits from about 7am to 11.30am.

Note 5

Note 6

Note 7
The champion of our capability development and economic development is EDB

EDB website was last modified on 26 April 2016, at 23:46. 
This web site has now only a paragraph of what EDB was set up.
It did not even display name of the current Chairman and CEO.
Among the list of EDB alumni, Ms Loh Wai Kiew still listed as CEO/Vice President, Shell Marine Products.

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